10 Jan '13, 8am

In Japan, Japanese involved with bitcoin are finally starting to outnumber the foreigners. weusecoins.jp #ビットコイン #東京

Nils Schneider - [email protected] Jeff Garzik - [email protected] (PGP )

Full article: http://bitcoin.co.jp/


The Two Bitcoin Conferences of 2013 #bitcoin

The Two Bitcoin Conferences of 2013 #bitcoin

bitcoinmagazine.com 10 Jan '13, 7pm

On the whole, the split into two conferences is arguably a positive one for Bitcoin. There are many in the Bitcoin communi...


vrijspreker.nl 09 Jan '13, 9am

streeft naar een maatschappij waarin ieder mens soeverein is: ieder mens heeft het recht zijn leven te leiden zoals hij ze...

Foreigners to pay more for Singapore property: ...

nst.com.my 11 Jan '13, 2pm

SINGAPORE: Singapore on Friday made it costlier for foreigners to buy property and imposed other measures to cool down the...

Bitcoin Adoption by Country

flickr.com 09 Jan '13, 12pm

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/zcopley/8085409641/" title="Bitcoin Adoption by Country by zcopley, on Flickr"><img ...