18 Jan '13, 12pm

Actions by BofA cause FastCash4Bitcoins to end its popular Overnight ACH and Cashiers Check cash-out methods: #Bitcoin

Most importantly there is no freeze of funds or accounts. We still have full access to our accounts and funds. We keep reserves in multiple banks and we were able to make a significant wire transfer out of Bank Of America to our other accounts to boost our available funds. FastCash4Bitcoins will not be closing and we have funds available to purchase your coins right now. ACH (normal) and Bank Wire payouts are unaffected. We have already transitioned these to another provider for unrelated reasons. Likewise PayPal & Dwolla are unaffected. We have multiple funding accounts for these services. Obviously there will be no change to Bullion shipments. Overnight ACH (not to be confused with normal ACH) will be discontinued. The last day to request payout by Overnight ACH will be 1/17. After 6PM EST on 1/17 the overnight ACH option will be removed from the sell page. At this time ...

Full article: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=90192.msg1453527