28 Jan '13, 4am

Addons (NotificationCenter): BitCoin for Notficiation Center 1.0 #CydiaUpdates

BitCoin for Notficiation Center display MtGox prices on NotificationCenter Repo: BigBoss This package is from a default repository. Version: 1.0 Author: Kokain Dev Team Section: Addons (NotificationCenter) Identifier: com.dylanlaws.bitcoin Maintainer: BigBoss File Name: debs2.0/bitcoinweeapp_1.0.deb Size: 134086 bytes Depends: firmware (>= 5.0), mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader

Full article: http://modmyi.com/cydia/com.dylanlaws.bitcoin


BitCoin for Notficiation Center 1.0 (New/Addons...

cydiaupdates.net 28 Jan '13, 4am

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Wall St getting interested in Bitcoin

mobile.reuters.com 28 Jan '13, 12am

"Bitcoin is not run by people with hot sexual appetites for hotel maids. It is not run by corporations. It is not governed...

Beware the Bull about Bitcoin @pbaril @Beautyon_

nunaview.blogspot.com 27 Jan '13, 10pm

There is a lot of sloppy thinking going around these day concerning digital currency. Any unethical or amoral use of any u...

Bitcoin to the rescue

maxkeiser.com 30 Jan '13, 10am

Bitcoin is constrained by mathematics like gold is constrained by physics. Both are products of, and limited in volume by,...

The Ghosts of Bitcoin's Past #bitcoin

The Ghosts of Bitcoin's Past #bitcoin

thebitcointrader.com 03 Feb '13, 7pm

As Bitcoin makes the transition from awkward caterpillar to beautiful butterfly, I believe it's important that we take a m...