07 Feb '13, 12am

On Wikileaks, Bitcoin, Copyleft - Three Critiques of Hacktivism

The first issue of Furball with the title On Wikileaks, Bitcoin, Copyleft - Three Critiques of Hacktivism is availble. Furball is the imprint under which we plan to publish pamphlets now and then in the future. Our pamphlet on hacktivism collects Wikileaks - The State Persecutes its Idealists (web ) Bitcoin - Finally, Fair Money?, and (web ) Free Property – On Social Criticism in the Form of a Software Licence (web ) The pamphlet is available in three formats PDF EPUB MOBI Printed copies will be available as soon as they return from the printers. Get in touch if you would like to get copies for distribution.

Full article: http://antinational.org/en/furball-00-hacktivism


Furball 0: On #Wikileaks, #Bitcoin, #Copyleft: Three Critiques of #Hacktivism (2013) from @portandcheddar

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Massa: “Three very important days”

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Undertaker jailed three years for having cannabis

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A man who was found with a large quantity of cannabis was jailed for three years on Wednesday for drug possession. Kalaiva...