28 Feb '13, 3pm

Bitcoin .. عملة الإنترنت الحرة

Bitcoin .. عملة الإنترنت الحرة

Full article: http://www.tech-wd.com/wd/2013/02/28/what-is-bitcoin/


All-time high for Bitcoin currency

bbc.co.uk 28 Feb '13, 4pm

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A Bitcoin for Your Thoughts

A Bitcoin for Your Thoughts

zerohedge.com 28 Feb '13, 11pm

The best performing currency year-to-date has no home country, no central banker and no physical scrip; it is the online-o...

The Bitcoin Bubble That Wasn't

forbes.com 01 Mar '13, 1am

The first post I ever wrote about Bitcoin was in April 2011. At the time, the crytpocurrency had recently surpassed parity...