12 Mar '13, 7pm

Damn! Millions of dollars stored on a few letters and numbers! A post about #Bitcoin Richest Adresses

Bitcoin 410 richest addresses, updated often.

Full article: http://q.gs/3eF3f



fincen.gov 19 Mar '13, 12am

FinCEN's regulations define currency (also referred to as "real" currency) as "the coin and paper money of the United Stat...

More info on the #bitcoin chain fork:

bitcoin.org 12 Mar '13, 3am

11/12 March 2013 Chain Fork Information What happened A bitcoin miner running version 0.8.0 created a large block (at heig...

Guest Post: "What In The World Is A Bitcoin?"

zerohedge.com 15 Mar '13, 10pm

"..very few valuable services take them.." At the moment. Necessity will drive demand, Bitcoin is still about 5 minutes ah...

Bitcoin Crashed. Again.

Bitcoin Crashed. Again.

zerohedge.com 13 Mar '13, 6am

When writing about economics (as opposed to trading), one does not expect to be proven right within days of publishing som...