07 Apr '13, 8am

Why #Bitcoin Could Be Revolutionary

MY BITCOIN ADDRESS for tips: 1JWsjwcgeQVmAcAUj8R4afnF5x3xpWPF9F Please tip any amount you'd like! A regular flow of new tips will allow me to continue putting out high-quality videos and articles telling the public the truth about Bitcoin and the revolutionary benefits it may bring to financial markets, rather than poisoning the well with mainstream media fear stories linking the Bitcoin community to illicit activities, "unpatriotic" groups, etc. as some reporters are unfortunately doing - either intentionally or out of total ignorance, or fear of change. I'm also on Twitter: http://twitter.com/d_seaman Description - In today's video, I briefly explain why I'm fascinated by Bitcoin and believe it MAY be a truly revolutionary global financial instrument. My previous video was an interview with a Bitcoin expert who was recently on FOX Business Channel, be sure to listen to t...

Full article: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TfDQYkszDE



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A short video looking at 'Bitcoin', a decentralised digital currency. Directed, Designed and Animated by Duncan Elms - dun...



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It's shaping up to be a pretty ugly day for Bitcoin. After soaring past $250 earlier , it's tumbled all the way down to cu...

The New Bitcoin Millionaires

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Bitcoinmillo, who says he is 25, appears to be keeping a level head: "I was a combination miner and investor, little here ...

Why VCs Love The Bitcoin Market

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Why VCs Love The Bitcoin Market as a vc, my interest in the bitcoin ecosystem is not ideological but mercenary. i see the ...

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Financial brinksmanship in the Eastern Mediterranean seems an unlikely way for an obscure yet infamous virtual currency to...



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Nearly all financial news outlets and blogs have weighed in with their opinion on Bitcoin; the majority indicating they ei...


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Just this weekend we were marveling over the fact that Bitcoin had passed $150. Then yesterday it hit $190. Today the digi...

What Is the Value of Bitcoin?

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With Bitcoin enjoying a spike in price against government currencies, there is lots of talk about it on the Interwebs. If ...



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It's shaping up to be a pretty ugly day for Bitcoin. After soaring past $250 earlier , it's tumbled all the way down to cu...



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BITCOIN, the world’s “first decentralised digital currency”, was launched in 2009 by a mysterious person (or persons) know...


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