12 May '13, 7pm

This is the only option #bitcoin shriekers want you to have, welcome to their Paypal gulag

: Shriek after shriek after shriek on this site will warn you against bitcon , as they call it! And so many of these oh so concerned trolls become hysterically angry when I mention that I use it, for as in the story below, I, too, have had to use Paypal, the only (albeit expensive) option available at the time, for online micropayments. And I, too, had my funds seized on a whim. And yet, bizarrely for such oh so concerned trolls, not one single person out there, not one, shrieked about my using Paypal. No, they shriek and shriek and shriek only that I choose of my own free will to accept bitcoin for online crowd-funding purposes. And not once have I had a problem with bitcoin and yet the oh so concerned trolls really really want me to return to Paypal. Really, really. And some of these oh so concerned shriekers, shriek that “only gold and silver some will do!” Of course, I...

Full article: http://maxkeiser.com/2013/05/12/this-is-the-only-option-b...


i want this

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i want this

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This makes me want to punch people in the FACE #BaristaWankers

This makes me want to punch people in the FACE ...

hasbean.co.uk 16 May '13, 9am

4 hours tuition provided by our very own barista extraordinaire, Wholesale Director and UKBC warrior Dale Harris with supp...

I want this

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PayPal considers accepting BitCoin payments

PayPal considers accepting BitCoin payments

slashgear.com 04 May '13, 7pm

PayPal CEO John Donahoe is considering ways of implementing BitCoins into PayPal’s digital transaction network. He says th...