22 May '13, 12am

BFL EasyMiner v1.0.6 Administrative Mode Gone? #bitcoin

Perhaps someone can help me understand why I can't seem to find the administrative mode option in BFL's new EasyMiner software. The PC I was using to control my BFL FPGAs crashed, and when I replaced the HD and reinstalled Win7, I then downloaded EasyMiner from BFL's site (http://www.butterflylabs.com/drivers/ ). EasyMiner has been updated since I last downloaded it, and in this new version (V 1.0.6) I am no longer able to find the admin mode which allowed me to run tests on the BFL units and update the firmware. Summer is coming and I will need to use a slower hashing speed, and if this new version does not allow me to update the firmware, well them I'm pretty much screwed. So I am hoping that I am just missing something and that someone can straighten me out. Alternatively, does anyone know where I can download the older version of EasyMiner (V 1.0) which had the adminis...

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Where Have All The Linkers Gone?

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[UPDATE] BFL ASIC Status (May, 23 2013) #bitcoin

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https://forums.butterflylabs.com/announcements/692-bfl-asic-status-3.html#post34766 -------------------START--------------...

What's new in Active Admin 0.6

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