22 May '13, 1am

Reportedly-dead hacker Dennis 'Coolio' Moran is survived by his numerous & colorful bad Bitcoin debts: (h/t @ageis)

still owes me money, but has been in touch and we'll work something out. Note that I never thought he was dishonest, just irresponsible :) Will update this rating as the story develops

Full article: http://bitcoin-otc.com/viewratingdetail.php?nick=Coolio-


Police are hunting a #LulzSec hacker they suspect is hoarding an enormous Bitcoin reserve:

Police are hunting a #LulzSec hacker they suspe...

dailydot.com 21 May '13, 8pm

Remember LulzSec ? British law enforcement does. They are still looking for a missing sixth leading member of the Anonymou...