24 May '13, 8pm

Is there any interest in extended-length risers? #bitcoin

I've been reading about this for awhile. Some users are using two risers to lengthen how far the GPU is from the motherboard... Seems like its rather costly (twice the price of a regular riser + a female-female adapter). Would there be any interest in some extended-length risers? Every store is typically 19cm, but I may be able to get a manufacturer to fabricate 30cm long risers. The cost would be a little higher than the standard 19cm, but well below what it'd cost to essentially double up. If there's enough interest, I may stock a few at my store,

Full article: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=215376


Best chain when same length #bitcoin

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Germany's Adaption To Bitcoin *AMAZING* #bitcoin

bitcointalk.org 24 May '13, 9pm

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