26 May '13, 4pm

As of July 2011, Mtgox handles over 80% of all Bitcoin trade. #bitcoin

All users of Bitcoin-Qt/bitcoind versions 0.7.2 and earlier are required to upgrade to 0.8.1 or apply a manual workaround by May 15.

Full article: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=216769


New method to pull MtGox trade data #bitcoin

bitcointalk.org 29 May '13, 6am

* These fields represent the app ID when an app is being used to make the trade. Currently, these are null for all but 4% ...

@MtGox Statement Regarding @technocash Transfer...

mtgox.com 04 Jun '13, 2pm

TOKYO - JAPAN - June 4th, 2013 After some deliberation and discussion with Technocash, an Australian service for Mt. Gox c...

Fragen zum ersten Bitcoin Kauf #bitcoin

bitcointalk.org 28 May '13, 12pm

habe ja nun ein Konto bei bitcoin.de eröffnet und mein Bitcoin Wallet eingerichtet, bei Mtgox auch registiert und verifizi...