14 Jun '13, 9pm

I got interviewed by the @letstalkbitcoin podcast and they recorded our transcontinental transaction!

Join Adam & Stephanie at the Inside Bitcoins Conference on July 30th in New York City! This all day event at the New Yorker building is the place to be for the latest commentary and networking opportunities in the Bitcoin space. For a 20% discount on registration, please fill out this one page listener feedback form - The code is presented at the conclusion. Adam will speaking, Stephanie will be grabbing interviews and covering the event. While you’re in town, stop by one of our conference meetups ! At Bitcoin2013 in San Jose we had a FANTASTIC time and can’t wait to meet you in New York!

Full article: http://letstalkbitcoin.com/post/52973050001/lets-talk-bit...


London's Bitcoin pub

London's Bitcoin pub

wired.co.uk 17 Jun '13, 12pm

The system works like this: when the bartender tells the till to accept a Bitcoin payment, it sends a message to Early's s...

Baby Born Because Of Bitcoins - #bitcoin

Baby Born Because Of Bitcoins - #bitcoin

fox2now.com 10 Jun '13, 7pm

SAN JOSE, CA — Dr. C. Terence Lee, a fertility specialist based in Brea, Calif., flashes a photo of a beaming infant acros...

Bitcoin in business: Buyer's Best Friend - CoinDesk

Bitcoin in business: Buyer's Best Friend - Coin...

coindesk.com 14 Jun '13, 5pm

We talk with Adam Sah, founder and CEO of Buyer’s Best Friend and former Google employee. Buyer’s Best Friend (BBF) is a r...

I'm so curious. What do you want to know?

strictlycheryl.com 15 Jun '13, 9pm

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Bitcoin and Unbreakable Law

Bitcoin and Unbreakable Law

athousandnations.com 13 Jun '13, 8am

Imagine that you were entertaining a business deal with a man with an supernatural ability to make two kinds of promises: ...

A Fertility Clinic is Accepting Bitcoins And Spawning So-Called ‘Bitcoin Babies’ (via @Betabeat)

A Fertility Clinic is Accepting Bitcoins And Sp...

betabeat.com 11 Jun '13, 7pm

We incorrectly assumed that we’ve hit peak baby trend stories following the Times piece a few months ago about parents let...

Let's #GIF!

Let's #GIF!

strictlycheryl.com 15 Jun '13, 1am

Me & Drew Lachey, season 2 DWTS winners!! Drew was such a great partner.