27 Jul '13, 8am

Apple kills BitPak, Bitcoin client for iOS: In other news: PayPal still available on the AppStore.

The Demise of BitPak Posted on 01. Jun, 2012 by Rob Sama in Uncategorized The Demise of BitPak About three weeks ago, I received notification that BitPak, the first Bitcoin wallet for iOS, had been removed from the Apple App store. I had not been given any reason why, just a simple electronic notification that it had been done. I was traveling at the time, and did not have the time to contact Apple to inquire about this. About a week later, someone from Apple called me on the phone to let me know that BitPak had been removed from the App Store. The guy on the phone sounded like a nervous teenager. I asked him why this had happened, and he said “Because that Bitcoin thing is not legal in all jurisdictions for which BitPak is for sale”. I inquired as to which jurisdictions Bitcoin was deemed to be illlegal in, and he told me “that is up to you to figure out”. I asked him whi...

Full article: http://www.bitpak.com/?p=34