02 Aug '13, 2pm

ASICMiner USB #Bitcoin Miner Price Drops 80% to 0.175 BTC

ASICMiner USB #Bitcoin Miner Price Drops 80% to 0.175 BTC

ASICMiner’s USB miners were quickly adopted by hobbyists who were interested in bitcoin mining and wanted to replace their outdated graphics cards, or set up small ASIC mining farms. While the ROI on these units was always questionable due to the rapidly increasing difficulty of the network, many early adopters are quickly realizing losses on these units. Miners who bought the first round of ASIC USBs have earned around 0.57 BTC to date, leaving 1.4135 BTC to break-even. Considering that these can now be acquired for 0.175 BTC that leaves them at around 1.24 BTC loss per unit over the two months. Miners that acquired the second round units at the end of June could have expected to realize about 0.30 BTC in gains, leaving 0.59 BTC remaining until break even and 0.41 BTC net loss given the pricing of the new units.

Full article: http://thegenesisblock.com/asicminer-usb-bitcoin-miner-pr...


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