29 Apr '14, 12pm

#groestlcoin + #diamondcoin announce a Cooking Competition! #altcoin #bitcoin #dogecoin

#groestlcoin + #diamondcoin announce a Cooking Competition! #altcoin #bitcoin #dogecoin

This competition is also running on Diamond Community Forum so entries there are valid in this thread and vice versa. Please remember, the way you present your dish is important. To increase your chances of winning avoid taking pictures in poorly light places. Think of the layout and colours. Adding a fried egg on top without sacrificing the general look will give you more points for difficulty. NOTICE for those on a diet. This is a high calorie dish which for sure will give you massive energy kick and possibly add a few millimeters in your thighs or abdominal area. Consume in moderation and treat it as a treat To avoid funny Google Images business, we require you writing your nickname on a piece of paper next to the dish so we know it’s legit.

Full article: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=588980.0


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