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Defeating Rubber-Hose Cryptanalysis #bitcoin

Re: Defeating Rubber-Hose Cryptanalysis Today at 04:29:54 AM #2 Quote from: jago25_98 on Today at 03:28:14 AM Idea 2) Additional factor: Share the private key between 4 execs. 2 of the group are required to decrypt the code. 4 not 2 in case one of the pair dies. Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme (http://point-at-infinity.org/ssss/ ) can do this. You can split the private key into N encrypted secret strings and give them to different people. The original private key can only be reconstructed if X secrets are combined. Quote from: jago25_98 on Today at 03:28:14 AM Idea 3) Time based auth. Have a factor that only becomes clear when a certain time happens. Hard to implement in practice? Could it be something such as how light falls on the earth or something stranger? How could this work in practice? The closest thing I can think of to what you describe is having some third party ...

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tip @digg

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