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2012-04-24: Over 50,000 registered users; Over 14 Billion L$ exchanged! Today we passed a number of important milestones at the same time: We were able to welcome our registered user number 50,000. Also, we have traded over 14,000,000,000 Linden dollars (about 40 million Euro / US$ 55 million), emphasizing our position as the leading independent exchange for trading Linden dollars. In addition, we have traded already 130 million Avination C$ and 19 million OMĀ¢. 2012-01-24: New payment method: Bitinstant With Bitinstant, you can instantly fund your account with USD using a variety of payment options, such as Dwolla, Paxum, and Liberty Reserve. In addition, Bitinstant offers instant cash deposits at many US banks, including Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. More information can be found here . 2012-01-09: Strong Growth in 2011 We look back to a very successfu...

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Bitcoin Breaks $11 #bitcoin

reddit.com 03 Aug '12, 6pm

Kind of yes. First off, I'm just giving probabilities here given the information that is present in the market at this poi...

mercaBit.eu - Buy bitcoins with ukash #bitcoin

mercabit.eu 03 Aug '12, 4pm

Here you can buy bitcoins by only providing a ukash voucher of any value. After I succesfully redeem the voucher, the coin...

1 Bitcoin Worth 10 USD

news.ycombinator.com 02 Aug '12, 9pm

The value of the currency doesn't really matter to those of us who use it - It could be 1 bitcoin to 1 USD, or 1 bitcoin t...