03 Aug '12, 11pm

BAMT version 0.5c - Mine Litecoin (LTC) with cgminer instructions: Hey! Still tweaking this gu... #bitcoin #trading

Hey peoples! A lot of people are saying that certain Gigabyte motherboards are impossible to boot into BAMT because they do not support booting into USB drives with multiple partitions. This is mentioned on the hardware compatibility list , right up at the top. I have made an image that makes this possible. Download the bitcointrading.com_usbbooter.iso from us! It's a 500KB file so it will fit on any USB drive. Use your smallest one! Use this to flash the iso to your USB stick (select other linux, new, from the dropdown box, right at the bottom). Then boot from that stick in your BIOS and it will automatically boot from the other usb stick you have inserted (BAMT).

Full article: http://www.bitcointrading.com/forum/index.php?topic=416.m...