22 Oct '15, 11pm

$WBB #wildbeastbitcoin dev group releases 100% secure/anon chat

I think crypto/alts scene is changing now you can slowly see it happening...the real/honest/legit coins like wbb that will see huge increase in community and price are winning, people are buying. The tech is starting to shine through as the scam coins/devs are becoming stupid, lazy and easier to pick out! Nobody is falling for their crap and people are sick of losing btc to scammers of which there are many. I think wbb and 1EX are blasting off at just the right time to lead the pack re. something positive for a change. Seriously I've been in many coins and this is one that tops the charts, it even gives the big coins like dash, start, ltc and others with "big tech" a run for their money...no reason it can't pass them. #MOON

Full article: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=952619.1700


Wallets for #1excoin More info on how to get so...

bitcointalk.org 26 Oct '15, 3am

Not sure why you're displeased about it? It's a coin totally separate from wbb and if anything will help wbb exposure in t...