29 Jan '16, 1pm

vía @CaracasChron

You’ve just shown you haven’t the foggiest understanding of the fundamental social and technical mechanisms that make Satoshi cryptocurrency networks economically viable in the first place, Rodrigo. You can’t drive adoption for a blockchain without incentives; blockchains are just a cheap and useless cryptography parlor trick unless they do precisely what cryptocurrencies do with them. This is what so many idiotic articles on traditional finance communities fail to understand when they attempt to present themselves simultaneously as insightfully educated on the value of blockchain technology yet show a complete pseudo-skeptical disdain for Bitcoin and digital currencies in general. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t have one without the other. Furthermore, your point about morality betrays a profound ideological immaturity typical of venezuelans with regard to the social ...

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The Venezuelan Economy: Bitcoin To The Rescue

The Venezuelan Economy: Bitcoin To The Rescue

cointelegraph.com 30 Jan '16, 3pm

It is popular knowledge that the Venezuelan economy is passing through some very difficult times. With an inflation of 275...