16 Sep '12, 11pm

Bitcoin Swear Jar @freedomfeens I can attest that podbeef is indeed paleo.

Bitcoin Swear Jar @freedomfeens I can attest that podbeef is indeed paleo.

Bitcoin Swear Jar [ 1 h 21 min 06 s | 74.32 MB ] Play Now Download Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi take calls on day 17 of KokeshGate, wherein Adam Kokesh and Michael Dean prove that sometimes men have disagreements, and they don’t need to sip tea to settle them . Sometimes men say “fuck you” to each other. It’s not the end of liberty in any way. A lot of people seem to think any pod beef is the end of liberty, but it’s not. Then Neema and Michael review the movies great movies “Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps ” and “Alpha Dog “, the good movie ”In Time “, and the Anti-Muslim hubub crapfest “Innocence of Muslims .” They discuss how The Nobel Prize is for murderers , how YouTube is demanding real names, Microsoft is doing drive-by installs of Skype, libertarian fatism , and the Cobra firearms company made a commemorative pistol of tyrant Orrin Hatch. Then Neema and Michael...

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Can you find the #bitcoin reference?

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Here's a good place to donate Bitcoins. #bitcoin

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