09 Oct '12, 8pm

How to deploy a DropWizard project (like MultiBit Merchant) on Heroku. By Gary Rowe. #bitcoin

With Heroku you don’t think of deployment in terms of a target cluster, instead you just treat it as a fully automatic deployment script triggered from a git push. If you want to scale your application up then you add more Dynos which are either Web Dynos for application serving the public, or Data Dynos for handling your backend end processes like batch jobs and queue slurping. You can think of a Dyno as a container for a single command with 512Mb of memory available to it by default. For more information you should refer to the excellent Heroku developer support pages which provide a lot of detail on each process.

Full article: http://gary-rowe.com/agilestack/2012/10/09/how-to-deploy-...