Good friend @thejaymo "putting cryptographic keys in space on picosats is _the killer app_" [on bitcoin revolution etc]

i was talking to a friend on gchat the other day doing our usual routine of dropping random links to each other – some ideas formed and coalesced. tonight i thought i would have a stab at expanding on them and committing them to this poor excuse of a regular blog…and yes the title of this post is a bad dead kennedys pun. -0- do you know how cheap it is to put a satellite in space? i didn’t know until it was mentioned the other week on the gweek podcast : $8,000 for a 0.75-kg tubesat or $12k to $19k for the more familiar 10 x 10cm cubesat PLUS this includes the cost of putting them into space. and through you can pay for them by paypal… this year alone 3 cubesats that have been kickstarted: the skycube , ardusat , kicksat – this is a project that really excites me. its a cool launch platform for little spacecraft ca...

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