07 Dec '12, 4am

This week's show is up! ToR, BitCoin and Quantum Key Distribution. The mixed bag edition! Thanks to sponsor Senetas!

On this week's show we're talking ToR and BitCoin with Alice Hutchings, a Senior Researcher and Analyst with the Australian Institute of Criminology's Global, Economic and Electronic Crime Program. ToR helps dissidents in foreign countries access information their governments deem unsavoury -- but it also provides a layer of protection to the consumers of child porn. Combine it with technology like BitCoin and bang, you've got Silk Road. Given the illicit uses of such technology, is volunteering to run a ToR server moral? It's a fun, completely pointless academic conversation and it's coming up after the news! This week's show is brought to you by Senetas, makers of fine layer 2 encryption technology. Senetas CTO Julian Fay joins us in this week's sponsor interview and we're talking all about Quantum Key Distribution. It's a technology that is available commercially and af...

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