02 Jan '13, 7pm

SMPAKE, a service that transferred already-confirmed bitcoins decided to shut down due to API issue at @MtGox: #Bitcoin

smpake is here to cut short your wait time needed for your BTC deposits to get confirmed by the network. Now your funds can be usable with just 1 confirmation, go try it out! Also, you are welcome to use our API to connect smpake to your app. Currently supported shortcuts: from: your wallet to: MtGox deposit address to: MtGox voucher code NOTICE: Due to v0 MtGox API closing down and insufficient documentation of v1 API and non existing documentation of v2 API , SMPAKE is shutting down. Thanks and happy new year! Note: smpake is still in beta, limits and fees are set accordingly. Use smpake and help it get out of beta and to get more shortcuts added.

Full article: http://smpake.com/


@PuddingLoves wait uh. I show u one video.

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