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  • EXOrDIUM in Singapore

    docs.google.com 12 Jan '17, 5am

    PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE ORDERING THE TICKET.1) Early Queue No (Pre Order Ticket) 2) Please ONLY FILL the form after you make the payment 3) We only open order for Cat 1 Ticket (Standing & Seated) (Update Later for other Zone) 4) Please send the proof of payment to ...

  • [SG GO] Vernon Slogans - "버논짱건" & "미자탈출건" by @Blossomseason_ ✨✨ Singapore Group Order Form: https://t.co/1f9F3fVhcq

    [SG GO] "버논짱건" Slogan & "미자탈출건" Slogan by Blossom Season

    docs.google.com 07 Jan '17, 4am

    [SG GO] "버논짱건" Slogan & "미자탈출건" Slogan by Blossom Season Hello everyone! We are taking in orders for the two slogans from Blossom Season. The details are as follow.[1] 버논짱건 Slogan Specification: 1. Slogan / 20*60 / Photo Slogan Gifts: 1. Sticker 2. Polaroid Set 3. Photocard Set 4. Ant...

  • [PO] SEVENTEEN 2017 Official Season Greetings

    docs.google.com 01 Jan '17, 9am

    [PO] SEVENTEEN 2017 Official Season Greetings Hello,17nationsg will be doing a PO for the official season greetings. Details are as follow! Note: There are 2 versions. Images for Calendar and Pin Badge are different for each version. Version A - PINK Version B - BLUE Specification: 1....

  • [SINGAPORE GROUP ORDER] 루케테's (@lucete_1122 ) Cheering Slogan "Cheer Up" >> https://t.co/pt16uQu3wO


    docs.google.com 30 Dec '16, 2pm

    -Please read through everything stated carefully!-Please only fill in the form if you are 101% sure of getting the item stated above! Backing out after filling in the form or making payment might result in getting blacklisted and banned from our future group orders. -NO refunds would ...

  • Singapore group order for FLUFF6 sticker set by @meyaooong! Orders closes on 18th Dec 2016 8PM.

    SG Group Order - FLUFF6 Sticker Set

    docs.google.com 04 Dec '16, 6am

    SG Group Order - FLUFF6 Sticker Set Hello! This is Jae Singapore! We are taking orders from Singapore fans who wanna order the FLUFF6 sticker set by @meyaooong! Please ensure that you have read through it carefully before submitting any orders! Please read the following details carefu...

  • Air Jordan 1 Top 3 Auto-Checkout (Footsites)

    docs.google.com 27 Nov '16, 3pm

    Air Jordan 1 Top 3 Auto-Checkout (Footsites) You are paying $15 for AUTO-CHECKOUT on the Air Jordan 1 Top 3. This is a pay after checkout on footsites. I will run 4 accounts each on 1 footsite and set your card to max 1 checkout. Please message me with any questions @ShoeGameConnect

  • Interest Check for SHINee Concert/Fanmeet in Singapore

    docs.google.com 12 Nov '16, 6am

    AC Music Entertainment wants to know how many people are interested. This form is open until 3 December 2016. If you have done the poll on twitter, please also fill this form. Please spread this on your social media, we need enough people to fill the venue or this won't work!( PS: if ...

  • Exclusive high net worth mailing list

    docs.google.com 15 Oct '16, 1pm

    Exclusive high net worth mailing list To receive the exclusive offers from our high net worth client list, plus updates on our high net worth marketing and direct sales offerings, please submit your details below: