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    Bitcoin Mining Machine - Orders and Pre-Orders The form "Bitcoin Mining Machine - Orders and Pre-Orders" is no longer accepting responses.Try contacting the owner of the form if you think that this is a mistake. Formular erstellen

  • RailsGarden Application 05 Aug '13, 5pm

    RailsGarden is a free 1-day hands-on Ruby on Rails workshop on 24th August 2013, a Saturday. It will be at the premises of Bang The Table ( ), Indiranagar, Bangalore. The target audience are students with some programming experience in any language, and an inter...

  • JUNIEL in Singapore Survey 01 Aug '13, 10pm

    JUNIELSG has been asked to do a poll to see how many JUNIEL fans will attend if there's a showcase for JUNIEL in Singapore. Survey Deadline: 20 July 2013, 2359 (extended to 25 July 2013, 2359 SGT) We know it's a little rush but we were told that the earliest we give the statistics, th...

  • Bitcoin Difficulty Adjustments 29 Jun '13, 6pm

    Sie zeigen Google Docs zurzeit in Standard-HTML an. Wechseln Sie zu einem unterstützten Browser und genießen Sie die Vorteile von Dokumentbearbeitung und -freigabe in Echtzeit.

  • RubyConf India 2013 proposals 06 Mar '13, 1am

    Hi, Thank you for submitting your proposal for RubyConf India 2013. You can email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the CFP. Best, The RubyConf India Team.

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  • B1A4 in Singapore 2013 19 Nov '12, 1am

    Hello BANAs! We need help in completing this survey. We are collating responses to see the interest amongst fans for a B1A4 event in Singapore. Please think through reasonably and and pick a price that you would be able to afford and are willing to pay for each category. We hope that ...

  • TecnoTalks IV - Um ecossistema sustentável 18 Oct '12, 10pm

    Chegou a hora do quarto evento da série TECNOTALKS, inscreva-se e divulgue. Será o primeiro com o selo "ecossistema sustentável" que é uma iniciativa que pretende aproveitar o ecossistema Tecnopuc para promover ações de cunho social organizadas pelo grupo TECNOTALKS. Neste evento rece...

  • Volunteers for campaign on food waste 04 Oct '12, 4am

    Zero Waste Singapore is planning to start a campaign on reducing food waste in Singapore, and we are looking for volunteers to help out on the campaign website and events from Oct to Dec. Here's the good people we are looking for: 1) Content Writers: Interview stakeholders on food was...

  • Introducción a Ruby y Rails - UNLaM 25/9/2012 06 Sep '12, 2pm

    ¿Te consideras una persona proactiva ante nuevas tendencias? ¿Te gusta la programación web? ¿Querés conocer el lenguaje Open Source de mayor crecimiento en los últimos años y elegido por las startups en Silicon Valley? ¿Querés conocer un lenguaje que desde el comienzo fue diseñado cen...

  • Why IBM i? - Google Docs 31 Aug '12, 5pm

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