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6 days ago ... Since young, we were taught that green means go,yellow means prepare to stop, and red means stop. But as we grow,or perhaps i should ...


    emeryn.com 17 Oct '11, 12pm

    SUKI IS MISSING by Emeryn My beloved furkid – Suki, a 5 years old silky terrier is lost at Bandar Utama BU10 today (17th October 2011). If found, please call me immediately @ 012-2721012. A reward of RM2000 will be given if found and returned. Please help me to share this out. I reall...

  • Fashion Bang : Go GREEN With Me | Emeryn.com

    Fashion Bang : Go GREEN With Me | Emeryn.com

    emeryn.com 06 Oct '11, 2am

    Most of my clothes bought since my high school days are still kept nicely in my wardrobe and I’m still wearing it to date, they’re all very precious to me! If they’re out of fashion, keep till when they’re in trend again! LOL. Dun just throw your clothes away, at least donate it out t...

  • Fashion Bang : Forever 21 | Emeryn.com

    Fashion Bang : Forever 21 | Emeryn.com

    emeryn.com 04 Oct '11, 2pm

    It’s been 25 years since the day I was born. I’ve grown up from a chubby lil gal to what I am now. Bah… I wanna stay young, like forever 21 . Some says it’s not a year older, but just a year wiser. Being another year older means an extra line of wrinkle to be concealed. =( Back in 21....

  • Fashion Bang : Just Black & White? No! | Emeryn.com

    Fashion Bang : Just Black & White? No! | Emeryn.com

    emeryn.com 03 Oct '11, 1am

    My wardrobe is full of colors,not just a typical black and white. The colour ranges from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo to violet just like a rainbow.

  • Wacoal Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – Let’s Pink!

    Wacoal Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – Let’s Pink!

    emeryn.com 09 Oct '11, 9am

    Remamma is actually for those who had mastectomy(A mastectomy is surgery to remove a breast) probably due to breast cancer. Some patients who had to have parts of their breast removed will probably have uneven size of both left and right breast. That’s when Remamma will come in good h...

  • Is Autumn Here Yet?

    Is Autumn Here Yet?

    emeryn.com 12 Oct '11, 7am

    But fall was never here all this while, and it won’t be. Autumn and winter, why u no come here? X____X otherwise I can dress in nice nice autumn and winter clothing and no one would stare at me like I’m the odd ones.

  • Kellogg’s At Beach~

    Kellogg’s At Beach~

    emeryn.com 11 Oct '11, 1am

    Do you still take Kellogg’s Froot Loops for breakfast? Since it’s a day trip over to Sepang Goldcoast, I accessorize myself with a more relaxed looks. With a straw hat, a woven belt and a beige bag. These goes well with most of my outfits anyway. Got this super duper comfortable tank ...

  • The Many Faces of Me | Emeryn.com

    emeryn.com 29 Sep '11, 2am

    SADmeryn, KINKYmeryn, HAPmeryn, NOTTImeryn, ANGERmeryn, DEPRESSmeryn, SIAOmeryn, JOYmeryn, TRUSTmeryn, FEARmeryn, OPTImeryn, AGGREmeryn, AWEmeryn, LOVEmeryn, CHEERmeryn, LUSTmeryn, SHOCKmeryn, SUBmeryn… NO. I’m not having Dissociative Identity Disorder. I’m still me, EMERYN, who loves...