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  • Lighten Your Stride: How to Transition into Minimalist Sneakers

    How to Transition into Minimalist Running Shoes

    fitnessmagazine.com 25 Dec '16, 9pm

    Lose your shoes. To nudge yourself into the right strike zone — mid to forefoot rather than heel — spend a few minutes at a time running barefoot on a firm surface. A smooth stretch of sidewalk is ideal for this, Davis says. Tone below the knees. Subtracting support from your shoes me...

  • Nike Sneakers You Need Now

    fitnessmagazine.com 05 Jan '17, 6pm

    If you're in need of a new pair of kicks, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up the latest styles of Nike sneakers that are perfect for your workouts and your everyday outfits.

  • This Is How You Should Actually Clean Your Sneakers

    How to Clean Sneakers - Best Way to Clean Sneakers

    fitnessmagazine.com 27 Jan '17, 6pm

    No matter what your workout, it's likely you're wearing a pair of sneakers (okay, there are some exceptions, but you see where we're going). So think about how much sweat gets poured into those kicks. With every mile covered or burpee busted out, there's potential for bacteria to bree...

  • Running Sneakers Change the Muscles In Your Feet

    Runnng Sneakers Change The Muscles In Your Feet

    fitnessmagazine.com 08 Jan '17, 6pm

    When the "barefoot" or "minimalist" footwear trend became a thing a few years ago the idea was to take us back to the way our primal ancestors ran, forcing the foot and ankles to work harder to support the body, rather than depending on tons of support and cushioning. In fact, some re...

  • The Best Trail Running Shoes and Triathlon

    fitnessmagazine.com 26 Nov '16, 7am

    Sick of your same ol' treadmill routine? Hit the trails or train for a triathlon in one of these tester-approved shoes. Find out what makes them the best of the best, then lace up and learn first-hand.

  • Fit to Be Tied: The Best Sneakers for Your Favorite Workouts

    The Best Sneakers for Every Workout - FITNESS Magazine 2014 Sneaker Guide

    fitnessmagazine.com 20 Nov '16, 2am

    The newest buzzword for running sneakers is drop, or the height difference in millimeters between the shoe's heel and forefoot. Here's how to shop your drop. 0 to 4 mm: A lower drop encourages a more natural midfoot strike. Some "zero drop" (aka no-rise) styles are supercushioned, whi...

  • 10 Stages of Getting New Workout

    fitnessmagazine.com 30 Oct '16, 8pm

    1. So much research. Cross-trainers, running shoes, CrossFit shoes, Nike, New Balance, Adidas—how can you be sure you have the right ones? Scouring the Internet for reviews (and cute Instagrams) is the first step. Also included? Staring at people's feet too intensely at the gym, on th...

  • Lace Up: The Best Running Sneakers for Your Foot Type:

    Best Running Sneakers for Every Foot Type

    fitnessmagazine.com 30 Jul '16, 8am

    On the heels of new research indicating that landing on your forefeet — as you do when you run shoeless — rather than your heels may reduce injury and improve efficiency, a trend toward barely-there sneakers is afoot. Here's a mini guide to the main low-foam varieties. Nike Free Run+ ...