• 78% of #bitcoin is not in circulation. Are we facing a virtual currency crash if a few hoarders sell? #WEF

    The trouble with bitcoins | Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum

    forumblog.org 23 Sep '13, 9am

    Five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the full onset of the global financial crisis, the search for plausible alternatives to conventional “fiat” currencies continues unabated. Gold prices have risen 200% since 2007, despite a dip of 40% in the last two years. But while...

  • "Dance of the world" by #socent @kennylow75 @CityCollegeSG ^sn #wef #amnc #singapore #socinn #education

    Dance of the world | Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum

    forumblog.org 24 Sep '12, 12pm

    After stumbling into a popular Chinese restaurant by the name of 狗不理 (directly translated as “dog doesn’t care”) to fill our stomachs with local delicacies, a group of us Social Entrepreneurs decided to have a further immersion exercise into the local culture by taking the three-kilom...