• Now there exists a demurrage-bitcoin. So what does it take to persuade people to use 'rusting' money? And who is...

    About Freicoin

    freico.in 28 Dec '12, 8pm

    What is Freicoin? Freicoin is a decentralized, distributed, peer-to-peer electronic currency designed to address the grievances of the working class and re-align financial interests of the wealthy elite with the stability and well-being of the economy as a whole. Whereas inflationary ...

  • Freicoin - peer-to-peer demurrage currency

    freico.in 28 Dec '12, 9pm

    0% interest, forever Freicoin's parameters are carefully chosen to eliminate the basic interest component of investments, called the liquidity premium by economists. Usurious non-zero basic interest distorts the free market, incentivises poisonous greed, excess, and short-term thinkin...

    1. About Freicoin freico.in 28 Dec '12, 8pm