• Please remove malicious rails-assets-angular gem · Issue #1148 · rubygems/rubygems ·

    github.com 23 Jan '15, 2am

    I am writing on behalf of http://rails-assets.org maintainers. Please remove all versions of rails-assets-angular gem from official rubygems repository. This gem is nearly the same as rails-assets-angular from http:/rails-assets.org, but includes alert("I'm in your app.") line in angu...

  • 3-2-stable: ruby 2.2 compatibility by tmm1 · Pull Request #18306 · rails/rails ·

    github.com 02 Jan '15, 10pm

    tmm1@tmm1-air ~/code/rails/actionpack (rm-3-2-with-ruby-2-1-plus) $ bundle exec rake test TEST=test/template/test_case_test.rb TESTOPTS="--name=test_view_assigns_returns_a_Hash_of_user_defined_ivars" Started F ===========================================================================...

  • soroushjp/go-bitcoin-multisig

    github.com 14 Dec '14, 3am

    Generate public/private key pairs valid for use in P2PKH/Multisig Bitcoin transactions Up to 100 key pairs generated in one command. Disclaimer : These key pairs are cryptographically secure to the limits of the crypto/rand cryptography package in Golang. They should not be used witho...

  • Baron is a Bitcoin payment processor that anyone can deploy


    github.com 12 Nov '14, 11pm

    Baron has two issues described below when dealing with payments that happened during downtime. While these issues are hypothetically problematic, in practice it may only rarely happen because downtime is extremely rare and a user is highly unlikely to pay when they are unable to load ...

  • Notejam - The same app written in PHP, Python, Ruby and more for comparison


    github.com 21 Nov '14, 12am

    Notejam is a unified sample web application (more than just "Hello World") implemented using different server-side frameworks. Currently python, php, ruby and javascript frameworks are supported.

  • Rails 3-2-stable: add ruby 2.2 compatibility

    3-2-stable: add ruby 2.2 compatibility by tmm1 · Pull Request #18160 · rails/rails ·

    github.com 26 Dec '14, 1pm

    Yes, if Github wants to commit a release manager to 3-2-stable I'm happy to see that carry on. No feature back ports, though. Only non-breaking fixes. But again, only if non-Core contributors want to commit to carrying it forward. … On Tuesday, December 23, 2014, Guillermo Iguaran <no...

  • elabs/refile

    github.com 29 Nov '14, 11am

    Suppose for example that a user uploads a file in a form and receives a validation error. In that case the file has been temporarily stored in the cache. The user might decide to fix the error and resubmit, at which point the file will be promoted to the store. On the other hand, the ...

  • JuanitoFatas/fast-ruby

    github.com 14 Oct '14, 5pm

    , he presents us many idioms that leads to Faster Ruby. He inspried me and I want to document these to let more people know. I try to link to real commit for people to see this can really benefits in real world. But this does not mean you can always replace one with another, depends o...