• today I'm updating all the @rails_apps starter applications to Ruby 2.1.3 and Rails 4.1.6

    Rails Examples and Tutorials

    github.com 25 Sep '14, 4pm

    A gem with recipes to create Rails application templates for Rails starter apps.

  • shoota/rails-tutorial

    github.com 28 Sep '14, 1am

    You can clone with HTTPS or Subversion .

  • theme_bandit/README.md at master · lfender6445/theme_bandit ·

    github.com 14 Sep '14, 10pm

    Enjoy rapid prototyping with theme bandit Wordpress themes are beautiful! Now you can easily convert your favorite wordpress theme to a small ruby app. This gem converts any site template (Wordpress, Joomla, HTML) into a small and simple sinatra rack application, handling all of the J...

  • Running a #java or #ruby app in #OpenShift? We've got the cartridge for you:


    github.com 29 Aug '14, 2pm

    Welcome to the TraceView OpenShift Cartridge This is a downloadable TraceView cartridge for Application Performance Monitoring on OpenShift . This downloadable cartridge installs the base TraceView libraries required to properly instrument your OpenShift application. This is currently...

  • appneta/oboe-ruby

    github.com 21 Aug '14, 1pm

    lib/oboe/inst # Auto load directory for various instrumented libraries lib/oboe/frameworks # Framework instrumentation directory lib/oboe/frameworks/rails # Files specific to Rails instrumentation lib/rails # A Rails required directory for the Rails install generator lib/api # The Tra...

  • update copyright notices to 2014. [ci skip] · 98cb3e6 · rails/rails ·

    github.com 25 Jul '14, 5pm

    The first public release was 0.5.0: http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/107370 on July 24. So that’s probably the best fit for an official birthday. But we can still celebrate the 10th year of Rails at RailsConf. … On Jan 2, 2014, at 0:48, Andrew White <notific...

  • skmetz/hatchling

    github.com 23 Jul '14, 11am

    Exercises and content for Object-Oriented Design class. Setup Clone the repository, then install the dependencies: $ gem install bundler # if you don't have it $ bundle install

  • ppworks/rails4base

    github.com 13 Jul '14, 10am

    heroku create appname-stg git remote set-url appname-stg [email protected]:appname-stg.git git push appname master heroku addons:add newrelic heroku addons:add pgbackups:auto-month heroku addons:add mandrill:starter heroku addons:add mailtrap heroku config:set RACK_ENV=staging RAILS_ENV=...