• Threespot/tolaria

    github.com 22 Jun '15, 2pm

    Fully responsive (and we think it's beautiful too!) A complete email-based authentication system is included, and there are no passwords to manage. Automatically builds navigation and admin routes for you. Automatically creates simple index screens, show screens, and text search tools...

  • Rails-style method hooks for plain old Ruby objects


    github.com 19 Jun '15, 7am

    Rails-style method hooks for plain old Ruby objects

  • planetruby/awesome-events

    github.com 16 Jun '15, 12pm

    A collection of awesome Ruby events (meetups, conferences, camps, etc.) from around the world

  • justinlynn/bitcoin-ex

    github.com 08 Jun '15, 11am

    Complete Bitcoin Parsing Library Complete Bitcoin Node Implementation OTP Clustering/Distribution Support for Non-Stop Operation including Hot Code Reloading w/o Node Restart in Production Suitable for Elixir/Erlang Application Embedding (for creating a Toshi compatible API or web int...

  • Untitled Dice: Run a Bitcoin Dice Casino on GitHub Pages


    github.com 16 May '15, 8pm

    Live demo: https://untitled-dice.github.io Untitled Dice is a bare-bones bitcoin dice casino built on top of the Moneypot.com gambling API that lets anyone run their own dice site by forking this project. Since Moneypot handles the user accounts, betting, faucet, and chat, Untitled Di...

  • Each Bitcoin in the near future will release 1.6 tonnes of CO2


    github.com 15 Feb '15, 12pm

    A project to calculate CO2 emissions of mining bitcoin. Motivation We wanted to understand how much energy was going into the computing the hashes in bitcoin and hence how much CO2 was being produced. Assumptions Generating electricity releases 500 grams of CO2/kWhe. Based on: wikiped...

  • dreikanter/ruby-bookmarks

    github.com 11 Apr '15, 12am

    TryRuby — online Ruby console and 15 minute interactive Ruby tutorial. Project Euler — a huge amount of programming problems to learn any language. PuzzleNode — a site for coders who enjoy to work on challenging problems, and is inspired by similar efforts such as Project Euler and th...

  • moneyforward/ruby-style-guide at develop

    github.com 31 Mar '15, 3pm

    nested_something : nested_something_else) : something_else # 良い例 if some_condition nested_condition ? nested_something : nested_something_else