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Serbia. writes about the most recent awkward situation that the costly website of Serbia's Ministry of Ecology and Urban Planning has found ...

  • Russia Reconsiders Bitcoin?

    Russia Reconsiders Bitcoin? 12 Apr '14, 7pm

    Russia reconsiders Bitcoin? Images mixed by Kevin Rothrock. In connection with American sanctions against the Kremlin for its actions in Ukraine, MasterCard and Visa have stopped processing certain transactions in Russia. The move has inspired some digital currency enthusiasts to prop...

  • Keep Calm. Singapore is the Most Expensive City in the World…For Expats

    Keep Calm. Singapore is the Most Expensive City in the World…For Expats · 07 Mar '14, 1am

    Marina Bay. Flickr photo by Nicolas Lannuzel (CC License) Singapore was recently rated by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the most expensive city in the world. But many Singaporeans are disputing the tag which they claim to be misleading and even inaccurate. The country’s finance m...

  • Singapore Rejects Proposal to Define Poverty Line

    Singapore Rejects Proposal to Define Poverty Line 26 Oct '13, 6am

    Image from ‘Singaporeans Against Poverty’ Facebook page Singapore may be the richest country in the world but the number of poor households living in the prosperous city-state has been rising in recent years. To highlight the extent of poverty in Singapore, the Catholic group Caritas ...

  • Animal Welfare Included in Singapore School Syllabus

    Animal Welfare Included in Singapore School Syllabus 26 Apr '13, 5am

    Good news for animal lovers. Singapore’s Ministry of Education has confirmed that animal welfare will be included in the new ‘Character and Citizenship Education’ syllabus for primary and secondary students. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals cheered the inclusion of...

  • Rohingya Refugees Rejected by Singapore

    Rohingya Refugees Rejected by Singapore 23 Dec '12, 7pm

    After being adrift at sea for more than 30 hours, 40 Rohingya refugees were rescued by a Vietnamese ship, MV Nosco Victory, last December 5. A few days after, the ship reached Singapore but the government refused entry to the Rohingya survivors. Singapore netizens and human rights gro...

  • #Singapore launches "national conversation" with citizens - public relations ploy or genuine dialogue?

    Will ‘National Conversation’ Work in Singapore? · Global 21 Oct '12, 7am

    I must say that my experience of the SG Conversation opened my eyes to other Singaporeans. For one, I didn't realize that the elderly in Singapore felt such a sense of dispossession and rejection until one elderly gentleman from my group said his piece. For another, I had had the wron...

  • Head Shaving for Cancer Awareness in Singapore

    Head Shaving for Cancer Awareness in Singapore 11 Aug '13, 7am

    Launched in 2003 by Children's Cancer Foundation , the Hair for Hope is a head-shaving event in Singapore that raises funds and awareness on childhood cancer. Below are the campaign objectives : - Create awareness of childhood cancer in Singapore - Show children with cancer and their ...

  • Striking PHOTOS from workers protests in #Cambodia #Singapore #Indonesia #Philippines #MayDay

    PHOTOS: Thousands of Workers March for Rights across Southeast Asia 03 May '13, 6am

    Global Voices reviews the May 1, 2013 Labor Day protests in Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore. The rallies, which were organized to echo the various demands of workers and advocacy groups, were relatively peaceful across the region. In Cambodia, more than 6,000 garment w...

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