hackaday.com Archives - 16 September 2014, Tuesday

  • Repent! The Church of Robotron Accepts All!

    Repent! The Church of Robotron Accepts All!

    hackaday.com 16 Sep '14, 8am

    Are you the mutant savior? Are you prepared for the robot uprising of 2084? Have you accepted robotron into your life? The Church of Robotron is now conducting training, testing, and confession at the new window altar in downtown Portland . The Church of Robotron is the fake totally l...

  • MIT’s Robotic Cheetah is Getting Even Scarier

    MIT’s Robotic Cheetah is Getting Even Scarier

    hackaday.com 16 Sep '14, 5am

    Researchers over at MIT are hard at work upgrading their Robotic Cheetah . They are developing an algorithm for bounding movement, after researching how real cheetahs run in the wild. Mach 2 is fully electric and battery-powered, can currently run at speeds of 10MPH (however they’re p...

  • Hacking a Pogoplug into a $20 PBX

    Hacking a Pogoplug into a $20 PBX

    hackaday.com 16 Sep '14, 2am

    The Pogoplug Series 4 is a little network attached device that makes your external drives accessible remotely. Under the hood of this device is an ARM processor running at 800 MHz, which is supported by the Linux kernel. If you’re looking to build your own PBX on the cheap, [Ward] run...

  • The Hackaday Prize Semifinalist Update

    The Hackaday Prize Semifinalist Update

    hackaday.com 15 Sep '14, 11pm

    There are only a few more days until The Hackaday Prize semifinalists need to get everything ready for the great culling of really awesome project s by our fabulous team of judges. Here are a few projects that were updated recently, but for all the updates you can check out all the en...

  • Low Cost Lab Frequency Reference

    Low Cost Lab Frequency Reference

    hackaday.com 15 Sep '14, 8pm

    [Mark] wanted an accurate frequency reference for his electronics lab. He specified some requirements for the project, including portability, ability to work inside a building, and low cost. That ruled out GPS, cesium standard clocks, rubidium standard clocks, and left him looking for...

  • Afroman Demonstrates Boost Converters

    Afroman Demonstrates Boost Converters

    hackaday.com 15 Sep '14, 5pm

    In its simplest form, a boost converter can be built from only an inductor, a diode, a capacitor, and a transistor. By switching the transistor on and off with varying duty cycles, energy is stored in the inductor, and then sent straight to the capacitor. Calculating the values for th...

  • 30 Years later TED finds his voice: A Commodore Story Part II

    30 Years later TED finds his voice: A Commodore Story Part II

    hackaday.com 15 Sep '14, 2pm

    With the passing of Winter and the final sign-off by FCC we found the time to catch up on our hygiene and start to think about what to do next. Within a relatively short period we started to re-coagulate into functioning groups and were running the gauntlet again with the new pair of ...

  • The Queercon 11 Badge

    The Queercon 11 Badge

    hackaday.com 15 Sep '14, 11am

    DEFCON is known for its unique badge designs, which have featured displays, radios, and tons of LEDs in the past. This year, there was another digital badge at DEFCON. The Queercon 11 badge featured an MSP430, a LED display, an IR interface, and an ISM band radio. Queercon started off...

  • LEDs Turn This Paper Map into a Tram Tracker

    LEDs Turn This Paper Map into a Tram Tracker

    hackaday.com 15 Sep '14, 8am

    [Christoph] started with a printed paper map of the train system. This was placed inside what began as an ordinary picture frame. Then, [Christoph] strung together a series of BulletPixel2 LEDs in parallel. The BulletPixel2 LEDs are 8mm tri-color LEDs that also contain a small control...

  • Lantern Made In Preparation of Zombie Apocalypse

    Lantern Made In Preparation of Zombie Apocalypse

    hackaday.com 15 Sep '14, 5am

    [BenN] was at his local hackerspace one day when a friend stopped by and offered him a used 5AH lead acid battery. As any good tinkerer would, he jumped on the opportunity and immediately started looking around for a project to use the battery in. One of [BenN’s] recent other projects...

  • DIY CNC Dust Collection

    DIY CNC Dust Collection

    hackaday.com 15 Sep '14, 2am

    CNC machines are great at churning out custom parts, but they tend to make a mess in the process. [Darcy] has built up his own CNC dust collection rig to collect the dust and keep his workspace clean. To capture the dust, a custom dust skirt encloses the cutting tool and directs the v...

  • Hackaday Links, September 14, 2014

    hackaday.com 14 Sep '14, 11pm

    PhotonicInduction may have gotten into a bit of trouble with the power company when he used the normal mains connection for some high-energy stuff, and managed to brown out the whole neighborhood. He did, at some point convince the power company to install one of those crazy high powe...

  • Raiders of the Lost ROM

    Raiders of the Lost ROM

    hackaday.com 14 Sep '14, 8pm

    The full story is a bit long and contains several twists and turns, but its well worth the read. The condensed version is that after a lot of trial and error and after writing many custom tools, [trap15] was able to finally dump the ROM. He was able to accomplish this using a very cle...

  • Inductive Charger Mod Allows for Non-Stop Wireless Rocking

    Inductive Charger Mod Allows for Non-Stop Wireless Rocking

    hackaday.com 14 Sep '14, 5pm

    When you want to jam out to the tunes stored on your mobile devices, Bluetooth speakers are a good option. Battery power means you can take them on the go and the Bluetooth connection means you don’t have to worry about cables or wires dangling around. Unfortunately the batteries neve...

  • DIY Bike Brake Light And Turn Signals

    DIY Bike Brake Light And Turn Signals

    hackaday.com 14 Sep '14, 2pm

    If you ever take your bike out and share the road with large automobiles, you know that sometimes it can get a little hairy. As a biker, you will stand no chance in a collision with a vehicle. Communicating your intentions, i.e. turning and braking, can certainly reduce your risk of g...

  • THP Quarterfinalist: Hypoglycaemia

    THP Quarterfinalist: Hypoglycaemia

    hackaday.com 14 Sep '14, 11am

    This hypoglycaemia monitor is meant to be worn by a user at night. Glucose levels can drop while sleeping, and if they drop too low blood sugar can result in death. When the monitor detects the symptoms of low blood glucose, it connects to a smartphone through a Bluetooth link and sen...

  • Persistence of Vision Clock on a Propeller

    Persistence of Vision Clock on a Propeller

    hackaday.com 14 Sep '14, 8am

    If you have a spare DC motor, a PIC16F84A microcontroller, and a lot of patience, then [Jon] has a great guide for building a persistence of vision clock that is sure to brighten up any room. For those who are unfamiliar with this type of clock, the principle is simple: a “propeller” ...

  • Energia on the CC3200

    hackaday.com 14 Sep '14, 5am

    If you’re looking to connect things to the internet, with the goal of building some sort of “Internet of Things,” the new CC3200 chip from TI is an interesting option. Now you can get started quickly with the Energia development environment for the CC3200. We discussed the CC3200 prev...

  • THP Hacker Bio: AKA

    THP Hacker Bio: AKA

    hackaday.com 14 Sep '14, 2am

    Thermal imaging cameras are the new hotness when it comes building DIY tools that are much less expensive than their commercial counterparts. [Mike Harrison] built a very high-resolution version from Flir’s Lepton module, but an IR temperature sensor and a servo can also create a dece...

  • Tesla Model S Battery Teardown

    Tesla Model S Battery Teardown

    hackaday.com 13 Sep '14, 11pm

    Tesla Motors club user [wk057], a Tesla model S owner himself, wants to build an awesome solar storage system. He’s purchased a battery pack from a salvaged Tesla Model S, and is tearing it down . Thankfully he’s posting pictures for everyone to follow along at home. The closest thing...

  • Sweet Guitar Practice Amp is a Literal Work Of Art

    Sweet Guitar Practice Amp is a Literal Work Of Art

    hackaday.com 13 Sep '14, 8pm

    Check out this odd different looking guitar practice amp . It looks like a professionally manufactured product but it certainly is not. [Bradley] made it himself, not just a little bit of it either, all of it. One of the first things you notice is the quilted maple wood grain of the c...

  • Volumetric Circuits

    Volumetric Circuits

    hackaday.com 13 Sep '14, 5pm

    With the first prototype of his software, [Anderson] entered the schematic of a simple one bit ALU. The resulting layout was then carefully pieced together with solder and hot glue. It didn’t work, but that’s only because the schematic was wrong. Designing the software is still an inc...

  • Homemade E-Cigarette Vaporizer

    Homemade E-Cigarette Vaporizer

    hackaday.com 13 Sep '14, 2pm

    Extensive research shows that tobacco kills. This is common knowledge as of late, which has prompted a flurry of anti-smoking ads to flood in. Regular smokers are now reconsidering their smoking patterns and are looking at healthier alternatives. Among those options are electronic cig...

  • A Breakout Board for a Flir Lepton

    A Breakout Board for a Flir Lepton

    hackaday.com 13 Sep '14, 11am

    Thermal imaging cameras are all the rage now, and one of the best IR cameras out there is Flir’s Lepton module. It’s the sensor in the FLIR ONE, a thermal imaging camera add-on for an iPhone. Somewhat surprisingly, Flir is allowing anyone to purchase this module, and that means a whol...

  • An RV Converted into a Spaceship Simulator

    An RV Converted into a Spaceship Simulator

    hackaday.com 13 Sep '14, 8am

    Hackerspaces always breed innovative projects. The outlandish ideas that come out of these areas typically push the boundaries of what is possible. This giant spaceship simulator is no exception, which is normally housed at the London Hackspace . It was created by a team of DIY hacker...

  • Controlling a Point and Shoot With Bluetooth

    Controlling a Point and Shoot With Bluetooth

    hackaday.com 13 Sep '14, 5am

    Loading point and shoot digital cameras is old hat around here, but [Alex] and [Andreas] are taking it to the next level. They’ve made a Bluetooth controller for a cheap Canon camera , allowing pictures to be taken with an iPhone or Android device. The camera in question is a Canon IX...

  • The “Unstealable” Transformer Bike

    The “Unstealable” Transformer Bike

    hackaday.com 13 Sep '14, 2am

    That’s a mechanical lock on the end of that thing. Therefore, it can be picked. Possibly with the end of a BIC pen, if it’s one of those cheap rotary locks with the pins that point down the length of the lock barrel. They don’t even talk about what kind of mechanism the lock is, which...

  • City Lights Telling Stories

    City Lights Telling Stories

    hackaday.com 12 Sep '14, 11pm

    If you’re walking around town and you see a light suddenly start to switch on and off seemingly at random, don’t discount it as a loose wire so quickly. [René] has been hard at work on a project to use city lights of all shapes and sizes for Morse messages , and a way for anyone to ea...

  • The FrankenCamera: Digitizing Old School Film into Something New

    The FrankenCamera: Digitizing Old School Film into Something New

    hackaday.com 12 Sep '14, 8pm

    After being awarded a generous sum of money from a scholarship fund, [Ollie] decided to utilize some of the cash to convert an analog camera into a device that could store photos onto an SD card. The result was this FrankenCamera that was pieced together from multiple electronic parts...

  • Hacklet 15 – Arcade Fire

    Hacklet 15 – Arcade Fire

    hackaday.com 12 Sep '14, 5pm

    This week’s Hacklet is dedicated to arcade games. The arcade parlors of the 80’s and early 90’s may have given way to today’s consoles and PC games, but the classic stand-up arcade cabinet lives on! Plenty of hackers have restored old arcade cabinets, or even built their own. We’re go...