hackaday.com Archives - 29 September 2016, Thursday

  • Boombox Doorjam Plays Your Theme Song When You Step in the Ring

    Boombox Doorjam Plays Your Theme Song When You Step in the Ring | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '16, 8pm

    Although many of us may have had childhood aspirations to be a famous wrestler in the WWE, not very many of us will ever realize those dreams. You can get close, though, if you have your own epic intro music theme that plays anytime you walk into a room. Although it’s not quite the sa...

  • Creating A PCB In Everything: Eagle DRC and Gerber Files

    Creating A PCB In Everything: Eagle DRC and Gerber Files | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '16, 5pm

    For the next post in the Creating A PCB series, we’re going to continue our explorations of Eagle. In Part 1 , I went over how to create a part from scratch in Eagle. In Part 2 , we used this part to create the small example board from the Introduction . This time around I’ll be going...

  • Distributed Censorship or Extortion? The IoT vs Brian Krebs | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '16, 2pm

    Now it’s official. The particular website that was hit by a record-breaking distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack that we covered a few days ago was that of white-hat security journalist [Brian Krebs]: Krebs on Security . During the DDOS attack, his site got 600 Gigabits per sec...

  • Homebrew Powerwall Sitting at 20kWh

    Homebrew Powerwall Sitting at 20kWh | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '16, 11am

    Every now and then a hacker gets started on a project and forgets to stop. That’s the impression we get from [HBPowerwall]’s channel anyway. He’s working on adding a huge number of 18650 Lithium cells to his home’s power grid and posting about his adventures along the way. This week h...

  • 3D Printing A Stop Motion Animation

    3D Printing A Stop Motion Animation | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '16, 8am

    How much access do you have to a 3D printer? What would you do if you had weeks of time on your hands and a couple spools of filament lying around? Perhaps you would make a two second stop-motion animation called Bears on Stairs . An in-house development by London’s DBLG — a creative ...

  • Hackaday Prize Entry: Bypassing TV broadcasting restrictions | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '16, 5am

    It’s a common problem faced by TV viewers, the programming they want to watch is being broadcast, but not to their location. TV content has traditionally been licensed for transmission by geography, and this has sometimes put viewers at odds with broadcasters. The viewing public have ...

  • Listen to the Sun, Saturn, and the Milky Way with Your Own Radio Telescope

    Listen to the Sun, Saturn, and the Milky Way with Your Own Radio Telescope | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '16, 2am

    Students from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research combined a commercial satellite dish, a satellite finder and an Arduino, and produced a workable radio telescope . The satellite dish provides the LNB (low noise block) and the associated set-top box is used only for...

  • 808 Drum Machine In An ATTiny 14-Pin Chip

    808 Drum Machine In An ATTiny 14-Pin Chip | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '16, 11pm

    You may not know the 808 drum machine, but you have definitely heard it: the original Roland TR-808 was the first programmable drum machine and has been a mainstay of electronic music ever since. Hackers have been building their own versions of this vintage device for years, but this ...

  • SIM Card Connectors and White PCBs Make Huge LED Snowflakes Happen

    SIM Card Connectors and White PCBs Make Huge LED Snowflakes Happen | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '16, 8pm

    [Mike Harrison] talked about designing and building a huge scale LED lighting installation in which PCBs were used as both electrical and mechanical elements, and presented at Electromagnetic Field 2016 . The project involved 84,000 RGBW LEDs, 14,000 microcontrollers and 25,000 PCBs. ...

  • Prusa Releases 4-Extruder Upgrade

    Prusa Releases 4-Extruder Upgrade | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '16, 6pm

    Let’s talk multi-material printing on desktop 3D printers. There are a lot of problems when printing in more than one color. The easiest way to do this is simply to add another extruder and hotend to a printer, but this reduces the build volume, adds more mass to the part of the print...

  • Ask Hackaday: How Do You Make A Hotplate? | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '16, 5pm

    Greetings fellow nerds. The Internet’s favorite artificial baritone chemist has a problem. His hotplates burn up too fast . He needs your help to fix this problem. [NurdRage] is famous around these parts for his very in-depth explorations of chemistry including the best ways to etch a...

  • New SuperCon Badge is 40% Lighter and a Work of Art | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '16, 3pm

    The badges are interactive. A kiosk at the conference will let you store your own scrolling messages on the badge. And if you’re really clever you can figure out how to make your badge prank those other people are wearing. The IR comms feature is also how you take part in the crypto c...

  • Chemical Formulas 101 | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '16, 2pm

    One of the goals of the chemist is to understand how elements and molecules interact with each other. Atoms will always combine to form a more stable electron structure, and be isoelectronic with the noble gases. It’s the outermost, or valance electrons that interact during bonding, a...

  • Raspberry Pi Adds A Digital Dash To Your Car

    Raspberry Pi Adds A Digital Dash To Your Car | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '16, 11am

    Looking for a way to make your older car more hi-tech? Why not add a fancy digital display? This hack from [Greg Matthews] does just that, using a Raspberry Pi, a ODB-II Consult reader and an LCD screen to create a digital dash that can run alongside (or in front of ) your old-school ...

  • Songbird, A Mostly 3D Printed Pistol That Appears To Actually Work | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '16, 8am

    [Guy in a garage] has made a 3D printed gun that not only appears to fire in the direction pointed , it can also do it multiple times. Which, by the standard of 3D printed guns, is an astounding feat. He started with .22 rifle cartridges but has since upgraded and tested the gun with ...

  • Hackaday Prize Entry: Under Cabinet LED Lighting Controller | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '16, 5am

    [Matt Meerian]’s workbench seems to be in perpetual shadow, so he has become adept at mounting LED strips under all his shelves and cabinets. These solve any problems involving finding things in the gloom, but present a new problem in that he risks a lot of LED strips being left on, a...

  • Line Follower with No Arduino

    Line Follower with No Arduino | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '16, 11pm

    There’s hardly a day that passes without an Arduino project that spurs the usual salvo of comments. Half the commenters will complain that the project didn’t need an Arduino. The other half will insist that the project would be better served with a much larger computer ranging from an...

  • New Part Day: Wireless BeagleBones On A Chip

    New Part Day: Wireless BeagleBones On A Chip | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '16, 8pm

    The BeagleBone is a very popular single board computer, best applied to real-time applications where you need to blink LEDs really, really fast . Over the years, the BeagleBone has been used for stand-alone CNC controllers, the brains behind very large LED installations, and on rare o...

  • Automatic Resistance: Resistors Controlled by the Environment | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '16, 2pm

    Photoresistors aren’t good for detecting rapid changes in light intensity. In going from complete darkness to light, there can be as much as a 10 millisecond delay before the resistance decreases fully. And when going from light to complete darkness the resistance can take as much as ...

  • Ghetto Ribbon Connector

    Ghetto Ribbon Connector | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '16, 11am

    Damn, it demanded the mental front burner until I figured something… Hokay, thinking along the lines of, get a lump of dead tree, put a couple of slots in it, pull the cutter off an aluminum foil box, stick bits of that in the slots, strip the wire back, but leave it attached then an ...

  • Putting Sand, Water, and Metal into A 3D Print

    Putting Sand, Water, and Metal into A 3D Print | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '16, 8am

    [Adam] over at Makefast Workshop writes about some of the tests they’ve been running on their 3D printer . They experimented with pausing a 3D print midway and inserting various materials into the print. In this case, sand, water, and metal BBs. The first experiment was a mixture of s...

  • The Hackaday Prize: An Open Electric Wheelchair

    The Hackaday Prize: An Open Electric Wheelchair | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '16, 5am

    [Irene Sans] and [Alvaro Ferrán Cifuentes] feel that electric wheelchairs are still too expensive. On top of that, as each person’s needs are a little different, usually don’t exactly fit the problems a wheelchair user might face. To this end they’ve begun the process of creating an o...

  • Shop Made Squareness Comparator

    Shop Made Squareness Comparator | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Sep '16, 11pm

    [Stefan Gotteswinter] has a thing for precision. So it was no surprise when he confessed frustration that he was unable to check the squareness of the things he made in his shop to the degree his heart desired . He was looking enviously at the squareness comparator that [Tom Lipton] h...

  • Seeking Treachery in a Questionably Sourced Phone | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Sep '16, 8pm

    Forcing all data traffic via a VPN that you control, that also has very strict routing and firewall rules, should significantly reduce your risk. It is a shame that mobile network connection providers do not have this as an option for all customers. i.e. They route 100% of your mobile...

  • All Your Displays Are Belong to Us

    All Your Displays Are Belong to Us | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Sep '16, 6pm

    Artist and Hackaday reader [Blair Neal] wrote in with his incredible compendium of “alternative” displays . (Here as PDF.) From Pepper’s Ghost to POV, he’s got it all covered, with emphasis on their uses in art. There’s an especially large focus on 3D displays. Projecting onto screens...

  • A Brief History Of 'Drone' - Hackaday

    A Brief History Of ‘Drone’ | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Sep '16, 3pm

    Biology sometimes mirrors linguistics, and the best place to look for the history of ‘drone’, then, is to look into the history of the Queen Bee. The Queen Bee – not its original name – was born out of a British Air Ministry specification 18/33. At the time, the Air Ministry issued se...

  • Don't Like the FAA's Drone Registration? Sue Them! - Hackaday

    Don’t Like the FAA’s Drone Registration? Sue Them! | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Sep '16, 2pm

    When the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began requiring registration of quadcopters (“drones”) in the US, it took a number of hobbyists by surprise. After all, the FAA regulates real 747s, not model airplanes. [John Taylor], an RC hobbyist, has done what you do when faced wi...

  • Extra-Large Denial of Service Attack Uses DVRs, Webcams | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Sep '16, 1pm

    Brace yourselves. The rest of the media is going to be calling this an “IoT DDOS” and the hype will spin out of control. Hype aside, the facts on the ground make it look like an extremely large distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) was just carried out using mostly household app...

  • Electronic Message In a Bottle

    Electronic Message In a Bottle | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Sep '16, 11am

    We remember going to grandfather’s garage. There he would be, his tobacco pipe clenched between his teeth, wisps of smoke trailing into the air around him as he focused, bent over another of his creations. Inside of a simple glass bottle was something impossible. Carefully, ever so ca...

  • Ig Nobel Prizes: GoatMan, Volkswagen, and the Personalities of Rocks

    Ig Nobel Prizes: GoatMan, Volkswagen, and the Personalities of Rocks | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Sep '16, 8am

    Every year, the Journal of Improbable Research issues its prizes for the craziest (published) scientific research: the Ig Nobel Prize . The ceremony took place a couple nights ago, and if you want to see what you missed, we’ve embedded the (long) video below. (Trigger warning: Actual ...