hackaday.com Archives - 02 October 2014, Thursday

  • Minicut2d and Omniwheel Robot

    Minicut2d and Omniwheel Robot

    hackaday.com 01 Oct '14, 11am

    In the MakerShed booth, we found [Victor Aprea] showing off Wicked Device’s new product, the Omniwheel Robot . Omniwheel utilizes a holonomic drive with omnidirectional wheels. The kit comes with a Nanode Zero, Wicked Devices’ own Arduino Uno clone, a motor control board, 3 motors, 3 ...

  • The Chibi-Mikuvan, or a Power Wheels with a Ford Fusion Battery

    hackaday.com 01 Oct '14, 5am

    At all the big Maker Faires, the Power Racing Series makes an appearance, turning old Power Wheels into race cars that whip around the track at dozens of miles an hour. [Charles] is somewhat famous in the scene – there’s even a clause in the official rules named after him – so of cour...

  • Add CNC to your…Propane Tank??!?

    hackaday.com 30 Sep '14, 11pm

    I kind of agree though, the standoffs are plastic, the screws are open to the environment, zinc plated steel that are fairly coarse and it uses an off the shelf servo that lacks any kind of positional control or even awareness. Further, it has a limited torque range and a complete and...

  • Atmel and Arduino Announce Wi-Fi Shield 101 at World Maker Faire

    hackaday.com 30 Sep '14, 2pm

    When I’m in hobbyist mode, I’m all for shields…. usually something I’m designing for fun will fit on one ProtoShield (for example, a DTMF decoder chip and associated circuitry to control something I’ve programmed). Most things I do are a one-off, and not worth making a custom board (a...

  • 3D Printing of Parameterized Speaker Enclosures

    3D Printing of Parameterized Speaker Enclosures

    hackaday.com 30 Sep '14, 11am

    Despite what you would gather from looking at a mess of wires, carpet, and MDF in the back of a Honda Civic hatchback, building speaker enclosures is a pretty complex business. To get the right frequency response, you’ll need to take into account the driver’s resonant frequency, the v...

  • Finding a Shell in a Bose SoundTouch

    Finding a Shell in a Bose SoundTouch

    hackaday.com 30 Sep '14, 8am

    The article forgot to say that the username is ‘root’ and the password is .. wait, there is NO PASSWORD! Right, a completely unsecured root shell on an internet connected device that is being sold to general public. Even better, one can get the root shell remotely! I was going to writ...

  • Multi Input IR Remote Control Repeater

    Multi Input IR Remote Control Repeater

    hackaday.com 30 Sep '14, 5am

    [Peter]‘s folks’ cable company is terrible – such a surprise for a cable TV provider – and the digital part of their cable subscription will only work with the company’s cable boxes. The cable company only rents the boxes with no option to buy them, and [Peter]‘s folks would need five...

  • Internet of Things Refrigerator Alarm

    Internet of Things Refrigerator Alarm

    hackaday.com 30 Sep '14, 2am

    For anyone who gets a late-night craving for anything out of the refrigerator and needs some help in the willpower department, [Claudio] may have the project for you. He has just finished work on a project that sends out an alarm when the refrigerator door opens , alerting others that...

  • Mining Bitcoins with Pencil and Paper

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '14, 11pm

    Right now there are thousands of computers connected to the Internet, dutifully calculating SHA-256 hashes and sending their results to other peers on the Bitcoin network. There’s a tremendous amount of computing power in this network, but [Ken] is doing it with a pencil and paper . D...

  • Very Dumb Security For a WiFi Thermostat

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '14, 8pm

    Not much else beyond screwing with the temperature, but let’s say you go on vacation for a couple weeks and your disgruntled tech-saavy ex (or a random stranger, whatever) decides that your thermostat needs to be set to 97 for heat or 47 for a/c. Sure it wouldn’t bother you if you wer...

  • Content Centric Networking and a tour of (Xerox) PARC

    Content Centric Networking and a tour of (Xerox) PARC

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '14, 5pm

    I’m not certain how to tackle the subject you have raised. Anymore I am turning into a network specialist and am frequently knee deep in the stuff. I have a stupidly loud rack right next to me. I’ll try to explain it in the best way I can, a full explanation would take dozens of pages...

  • A Nixie Clock with Neon Bulb Logic

    A Nixie Clock with Neon Bulb Logic

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '14, 2pm

    . This clock was inspired by a few circuits found in a 1967 book Electronic Counting Circuits by J.B. Dance. The theory of these circuits rely on the different voltages required to light a neon lamp (the striking voltage) versus the voltage required to stay lit (the maintaining voltag...

  • Adding a Digital Back to a Sweet Old Camera

    Adding a Digital Back to a Sweet Old Camera

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '14, 11am

    [Eugene] wanted to use his vintage Leica M4 as a digital camera, and he had a Canon EOS 350D digital camera sitting around unused. So he Frankensteined them together and added a digital back to the Leica’s optical frontend . It sounds simple, right? All you’d need to do is chop off th...

  • The LPT DAC

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '14, 8am

    Covox was in Oregon. Other than the Speech Thing they made two 8 bit ISA soundcards. The Sound Master and Sound Master II. The Sound Master was essentially an internal Speech Thing with a pair of Atari 2600 compatible joystick ports and IIRC another feature or two. The Sound Master II...

  • Sound Isolation Box Makes Living Room Based CNC Routing Tolerable

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '14, 5am

    CNC Machines can be loud, especially if they are equipped with a high-speed router spindle. Unfortunately, such a loud racket could be a problem for the apartment dwellers out there. Fear Not! [Petteri] has come up with a solution. It’s a sound isolation enclosure for his mini CNC Rou...

  • THP Semifinalist: OSHWatch

    THP Semifinalist: OSHWatch

    hackaday.com 29 Sep '14, 2am

    No, it’s not a finely crafted wrist accessory from Cupertino, but [Jared]‘s OSHWatch , but you’re actually able to build this watch thanks to an open design and reasonable, hand-solderable layout. Built around a case found on DealExtreme that looks suspiciously similar to enclosures m...

  • Hackaday Links: September 28, 2014

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '14, 11pm

    “Dropping a Cat5 cable from an airplane doing an almost-touch-and-go because something is wrong with the computers in the tower. ” I mean yeah, it’s totally correct – I remember clearly doing exactly this thing almost daily when I was still a Sys Admin. Right before I gave up snorting...

  • Ardubracelet Lets you Play Tetris on your Wrist!

    Ardubracelet Lets you Play Tetris on your Wrist!

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '14, 8pm

    Making your own Tetris game is almost a right of passage for hackers — [Kevin] has stepped up the game a little by making this awesome-flexible-triple-displayed-Tetris-watch dubbed the Ardubracelet. At the recent Maker Faire SF our head editor [Mike] got a chance to meet with [Kevin] ...

  • Arduino Translates Signals Between Steering Wheel Buttons and Aftermarket Head Unit

    Arduino Translates Signals Between Steering Wheel Buttons and Aftermarket Head Unit

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '14, 5pm

    The next step was getting the Arduino to control the aftermarket head unit. [Ronnied] did some research regarding JVC’s Stalk digital control interface but came to the conclusion that it would be easier to direct wiring the Arduino outputs to the appropriate spot on the head unit’s ci...

  • Digital Decade Resistance Box on the Cheap

    Digital Decade Resistance Box on the Cheap

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '14, 2pm

    [Stynus] has finished a unique decade resistance box which doesn’t use conventional rotary switches to select the appropriate resistors. These switches are old fashioned and expensive, so [Stynus] built this decade resistance box that uses a microcontroller and a series of relays to s...

  • Prototype LED Light Suit runs off of a NES Power Glove

    Prototype LED Light Suit runs off of a NES Power Glove

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '14, 11am

    The suit is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini which has been hacked into the Power Glove for ultimate button pushing capabilities. He’s using 5 meter LED strips of the classic WS2812 RGB variety, which allow for individual LEDs to be addressed using a single pin. It’s powered by a 5V ...

  • THP Semifinalist: Solar Energy System

    THP Semifinalist: Solar Energy System

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '14, 8am

    Building a solar power installation isn’t as simple as buying a few panels, wiring them up to a battery, and putting an inverter in the mix. To get the most out of your pricey panels, you’ll want to look at something called Maximum Power Point tracking. Solar panels have an IV curve, ...

  • Voltset Multimeters at World Maker Faire

    Voltset Multimeters at World Maker Faire

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '14, 5am

    Many tents at World Maker Faire were divided up into booths for companies and various projects. In one of these tents, we found the Voltset booth. [Tom, Ran, and Michael] were on hand to show off their device and answer any questions. Voltset is essentially a multimeter which uses you...

  • ‘Duinos and VR Environments

    hackaday.com 28 Sep '14, 2am

    This project was a collaboration between [Sophie], [Takafumi Ide], [Adelle Lin], and [Martha Hipley]. The virtual landscape was built in Unity, displayed on the Oculus, controlled with an accelerometer on a phone, and has input with a Leap Motion. There are destructible and interactab...

  • Basement Wood-Drying Kiln

    Basement Wood-Drying Kiln

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '14, 11pm

    [Tim] does a great job explaining his build of the kiln itself, his controls, and the gist of running the thing. The idea is to pull moisture out of the wood at just the right speed. Otherwise, the boards might check on the outside, honeycomb on the inside, or bear residual tension. H...

  • WirePrint is a Physical ‘Print Preview’ for 3D Printers

    WirePrint is a Physical ‘Print Preview’ for 3D Printers

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '14, 5pm

    3D printers may be old news to most of us, but that’s not stopping creative individuals from finding new ways to improve on the technology. Your average consumer budget 3D printer uses an extrusion technology, whereby plastic is melted and extruded onto a platform. The printer draws a...

  • A 1920’s Doorbell is Upgraded with 2010’s Technology

    A 1920’s Doorbell is Upgraded with 2010’s Technology

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '14, 4pm

    Unfortunately, the old wiring just didn’t hold up. The push button only worked sporadically. [Ben] ended up purchasing an off the shelf wireless doorbell. He didn’t want to have to stick the included ugly plastic button onto the front of his house though, so [Ben] had to figure out ho...

  • Reanimating a Philips HDD 1420 MP3 Player via @Hackaday

    Reanimating a Philips HDD 1420 MP3 Player

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '14, 3pm

    I did similar with my iAudio X5, one of the best sounding mp3 players ever. First problem was the battery, I used mobile phone battery, removed protection circuit and soldered iAudio’s. Another problem was 1.8″ hard drive that likes to suck batteries, I ordered 1.8″->CF adapter and re...

  • Automated Watering System Uses Neat DIY Water Valve

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '14, 2pm

    I think controlling water from the main supply with a valve like is a good way to do it for outdoor watering, but not so good indoors. Insurance will pay for damage if a valve in a dishwasher or refrigerator ice-maker malfunctions, but doubtfully for a home-built watering system! I bu...

  • THP Semifinalist: A Robotic Lawn Mower

    hackaday.com 27 Sep '14, 11am

    Fair point one of the things that has bothered me about the design I’ve settled on is that the mower heads are going to be between the wheels so I’ve had to accept It just won’t be able to get into super tight spots and it will always leave an edge around fences :/ I really haven’t us...