• U.S.S. Arizona BB-39 Display At the Tennessee Museum of Aviation

    ireport.cnn.com 07 Sep '15, 4pm

    The Tennessee Museum of Aviation is a great place to revisit history with their memorials dedicated to our men and women who bravely served to protect our freedom. Pictured here is Vietnam Veteran, Don Campbell at the U.S.S. Arizona BB-39 display at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation in...

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    ireport.cnn.com 25 Jan '15, 3pm

    CNN PRODUCER NOTE This iReport has been removed because it was flagged by the community and found to be in violation of the iReport Community Guidelines and Terms of Use . Newsiest iReports» Falling in love in Wendy's drive thru lane 12 minutes ago unclaimed My husband of 30+ years ch...

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    ireport.cnn.com 08 Sep '14, 8am

    For our international users, please be aware that the information you submit when registering for our services is collected in the United States of America. In addition to being subject to our Privacy Policy, the collection, storage, and use of your data will be subject to U.S. laws a...

  • Abney and Associates Tech Research: Bitcoin Regulation Roundup

    ireport.cnn.com 09 Apr '14, 7am

    Rumours, Court Cases and Taxing Times Regulatory attitudes towards crypto currencies around the world are shifting. Hardly a day goes by without a central bank issuing a warning on the digital currency . However, it’s not all bad news – as some authorities are taking a much more posit...

  • Accepting Bitcoin as Payment for Services

    ireport.cnn.com 28 Feb '14, 8pm

    We at Wallaroo Media have just decided to start accepting Bitcoin as payment for our digital marketing services. To our knowledge, we are the first company of our kind to accept Bitcoin. There are several reasons we are doing this. BITCOIN USERS = EARLY ADOPTERS = TECH SAVVINESS = WE ...

  • What repercussions will the technological evolution of Bitcoin mining have with ASIC hardware

    ireport.cnn.com 28 Jan '14, 8am

    Consider this, with the current race of beating mining difficulty and harvesting precious coins in a continued hunt to make a buck on the latest “fly” in virtual currency. What will become of all hardware when mining becomes obsolete after reaching the maximum cap of invented Bitcoins...

  • Why Malan Breton could be Taiwan's Answer to Luxury Fashion!

    ireport.cnn.com 07 Nov '14, 6pm

    Just weeks after his impeccable showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion week, a partnership with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Malan Breton, known as one of the top three hundred luxury brands in the world. Is quickly changing the face of luxury fashion. With training at two of the most acclaim...

  • The Affordable Art Fair in Singapore

    ireport.cnn.com 07 Dec '14, 7pm

    The Affordable Art Fair in Singapore was back from November 20 to 23 where artworks of various mediums such as paintings, prints, sculpture and photography start from S$100 and nothing is priced beyond S$10,000.