• Bitcoin triggers security startups | The Journal Gazette

    journalgazette.net 16 Feb '14, 8am

    PORTLAND, Ore. – Bitcoins, after surging 90-fold in value last year, have become an alluring target for hackers and thieves, spawning a growing industry of startups seeking to protect virtual currency investors against losses. Since the inception of the currency, more than 35 major Bi...

  • DC lobbyists flocking to cybersecurity | The Journal Gazette

    journalgazette.net 18 Nov '12, 12pm

    Lobbying activity in Washington on issues relating to cybersecurity is increasing exponentially. In 2001, only four firms listed cybersecurity as an issue on which they were lobbying, according to a Washington Post computer analysis of congressional lobbyists filings. By 2006, this ha...