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19 hours ago ... Game of Thrones using CGI is probably not surprising, but Vulture has a cool reel that details a ton of the CGI work in the show. Anything you thought was real ...

  • Damn, Look At These Super Nintendo Sneakers

    kotaku.com 04 Jan '17, 2pm

    The tongue patch is *kisses fingers like bad TV chef* but I love the buttons and d-pad on the back. Not so much for how they look, but for the fact he’s actually just ripped them out of an actual controller and stuck them there, so you can carry them around with you forever, like trin...

  • New Nike Sneakers Have Video Game Screenshot Inside Them

    kotaku.com 10 Jan '17, 12am

    The shoe, like most of Nike’s basketball range lately, looks trash—like they hit the “randomise” button on a shoe character creation screen—but I’m loving the absurdity of having the screenshot literally part of the shoe, with George’s virtual likeness printed all over the innersole.

  • Adidas, Make These Zelda Sneakers

    kotaku.com 19 Dec '16, 10pm

    “I picked the Y3 Sport Approach. Having the boost technology was necessary because Sheik needs a responsive material for all her jumps, and having the primeknit sock on the upper gives the silhouette a boot feel while still allowing ankle mobility. The colors for the shoe were all tak...

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    kotaku.com 17 Dec '16, 7pm

    Track: Cipher | Artist: Ben Prunty | Album: Cipher: the Score for Banking on Bitcoin

  • Star Wars Space Battle Has No Chill

    kotaku.com 26 Sep '16, 1am

    Darren Tan is a freelance artist from Singapore who has done a lot of work for board game giants Fantasy Flight, and in particular their Star Wars titles.

  • Kotaku

    kotaku.com 16 Aug '16, 8am

    Two men in Singapore were recently arrested for fighting over Pokémon Go , reports Channel News Asia . One man was playing the game while crossing the street, and the other man, driving a car, honked at him. Both face a year in prison or a fine.

  • That Final Fantasy and Louis Vuitton Collaboration? It Exists in the Real World, Too.

    That Final Fantasy and Louis Vuitton Collaboration? It Exists in the Real World, Too.

    kotaku.com 29 Jan '16, 11am

    . And now, Louis Vuitton shops are plastered with Lightning. There’s one word for this and that word is “surreal.”

  • I'm Lovin' It!: Kenn Yap is a freelance artist from Singapore who specialises in environment design.Read more...

    I'm Lovin' It!

    kotaku.com 07 Dec '15, 1am

    is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios. If you’re in the business and have some concept, environment, promotional or character art you’d like to share,