• Musicians + Bits + Blocks?: How the technology that powers Bitcoin might reshape the music industry.

    Musicians + Bits + Blocks — Humanizing Bitcoin + Block Chain —

    medium.com 17 Apr '15, 4pm

    With all of these moments in mind, we’re really excited about disruption that block chains could cause in the music industry. Three of the five areas we previously identified show up strongly here: Peer-to-Peer Exchanges  — Block chains can enable connections directly between artists ...

  • Replace by fee

    medium.com 28 Mar '15, 5pm

    It relies on a second change called child pays for parent . This change was originally proposed years ago (by whom has now been lost in the mists of time), and has been implemented by Luke Dashjr in the Eligius pool. It makes a lot of sense by itself and is hopefully going to be integ...

  • The Real Louis Vuitton — Human Parts —

    medium.com 24 Mar '15, 11am

    When my parents first immigrated to the US, my dad worked as a Chinese takeout deliveryman. One night, he stood outside one of the public phone booths (when New York City still had them) for ten full minutes in the rain, water seeping into his thin, peeling leather jacket, debating wh...

  • Isomorphic ReactJS app with Ruby on Rails — Part 1: Server-side rendering — Medium

    Isomorphic ReactJS app with Ruby on Rails — Part 1: Server-side rendering — Medium

    medium.com 20 Mar '15, 10am

    Server-side rendering of React components to improve SEO and minimize your web app initial loading time Background & goals I tend to like trying out new technologies. During the past year or so, I have been developing some little javascript-heavy projects, using CoffeeScript, Backbone...

  • What It’s like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class

    What It’s like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class — Travel & Adventure — Medium

    medium.com 30 Sep '14, 10am

    The Suites were exclusive to their flagship Airbus A380, and they go beyond flat beds by offering enclosed private cabins with sliding doors that cocoon you in your own little lap of luxury. The interior was designed by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste and comes along w...

  • How I TRAINed to learn Rails

    How I TRAINed to learn Rails — Ruby or Rails —

    medium.com 19 Feb '15, 11pm

    When I first decided to learn Ruby on Rails. I read a few articles by different bloggers that were saying that you don’t need Ruby to learn Rails. I now totally disagree with them! Take it from someone who initially took that path. I realized a bit later what was wrong with that appro...

  • What service objects are not

    medium.com 16 Dec '14, 1pm

    among Ruby and Rails programmers these days. Similarly to ECMAScript 6 generators in JavaScript world, Service Objects are widely described and strongly discussed across the Ruby and Rails community . There are tons of articles written about Service Objects , hundreds of implementatio...

  • Maintainable I18n with Rails and AngularJS — Ruby on Rails —

    medium.com 14 Feb '15, 7am

    angular-translate is one of the coolest AngularJS modules available out there. It’s elegant, flexible, and extensible beyond common sense. However, when I was building my first application with Angular and Rails, I found that there was no easy way to test the whole thing with RSpec an...