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  • Why Rails?


    net.tutsplus.com 28 Dec '12, 8pm

    MVC means that it follows the Model-View-Controller paradigm, so that you can clearly separate concerns when developing an application. This allows your core business logic to be in a single place, avoiding duplication and assisting with maintenance. It follows a RESTful, resource-ori...

  • Active Record: The Rails Database Bridge

    net.tutsplus.com 01 Mar '13, 7pm

    Like I said, Active Record is an ORM. This means it's a layer of Ruby code that runs between your database and your logic code. When you need to make changes to the database, you'll write Ruby code, and then run migrations, which we'll review soon. These migrations make the actual cha...

  • Ruby on Rails Study Guide: The History of Rails

    Ruby on Rails Study Guide: The History of

    net.tutsplus.com 22 Jan '13, 10pm

    Rails was created with the goal of increasing programmers’ happiness and productivity levels. In short, with Rails you can get started with a full-stack web application by quickly creating pages, templates and even query functions. Rails heavily emphasizes “Convention over Configurati...

  • Ruby on Rails Study Guide: Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas

    Ruby on Rails Study Guide: Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas

    net.tutsplus.com 08 Feb '13, 4pm

    Ruby is a language with a set of powerful features – the most powerful arguably being Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas. In short, these features allow you to pass code to a method and execute that code at a later time. Despite regularly using these features, many developers don’t fully unde...

  • Adding Bitcoin Payment Processing to Your Website

    Adding Bitcoin Payment Processing to Your Website

    net.tutsplus.com 16 Aug '13, 9pm

    Now unlike other payment options, like a credit card or PayPal, there is no third party who handles the charge, so you can't just enter your number or login to pay. Instead, it creates a custom wallet per transaction, and gives you 15 minutes to transfer the amount specified into that...

  • Mass Assignment, Rails, and You

    Mass Assignment, Rails, and You

    net.tutsplus.com 13 May '13, 6pm

    His intent was mostly to point out a common security issue with many Rails apps that results from a feature, known as mass assignment (and did so rather loudly). In this article, we'll review what mass assignment is, how it can be a problem, and what you can do about it in your own ap...

  • The Best Way to Learn Rails | Nettuts+

    net.tutsplus.com 21 Dec '12, 10pm

    I know it sounds boring (it does to me), but it’s a great example and is used everywhere for a reason: it’s simple, you can finish that kind of tutorial in under an hour, and you learn the basics very fast. Now, if you read the book from assignment four, you should already have enough...

  • Awesome rails tips

    10 Awesome Ruby on Rails Techniques to Get You Started

    net.tutsplus.com 17 May '13, 1pm

    Rails has seemingly set the web development world on fire these past few years. Popular web applications like Basecamp and Twitter have pushed Rails into the limelight as an excellent framework that any programmer (or even non-programmer) can quickly use to create applications. One of...