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  • Migrer une application Rails monolithique en Microservices

    Migrer une application Rails monolithique en Microservices | Ruby

    news.humancoders.com 05 Jun '15, 11am

    Your Rails application has become a monolith. Your test suite takes 30 minutes to run, your models grow to several hundred (or thousand!) lines, and feature development slows to a crawl. New members of your team must read through massive amounts of code before they can feel confident ...

  • Web scraping - exemple de script avec ruby et nokogiri

    Web scraping - exemple de script avec ruby et nokogiri | Ruby

    news.humancoders.com 29 Jun '15, 10am

    ▲ ▲ 1 Ruby Web scraping - exemple de script avec ruby et nokogiri (fr) Partagé par Cheikh Sidya Camara il y a environ une heure Cet article vous montre comment extraire des images d’un site WEB avec l’outil nokogiri (ruby) http://blog.scicasoft.com/web-scraping-exemple-de-script-avec-...

  • Infinite scroll with AngularJS and Rails | Ruby

    news.humancoders.com 19 Feb '15, 1pm

    In BIME, we offer the ability to create unlimited dashboards, queries and connections. This is really interesting for our clients, and we started to observe accounts becoming bigger and bigger. The Queries Library contains all the queries the user has access to.

  • Une nouvelle façon de comprendre les performances de votre application Rails | Ruby |

    news.humancoders.com 15 May '15, 5am

    Is your Rails app slow? When it takes seconds to load what should be a simple view, you have a problem worth digging into. You could have too many database calls or some slow methods. Or maybe it’s that speedup loop someone put in your code and forgot about.

  • How Rails sessions work - Weissblog

    How Rails sessions work | Ruby

    news.humancoders.com 22 Mar '15, 6am

    What if your Rails app couldn’t tell who was visiting it? If you had no idea that the same person requested two different pages? If all the data you stored vanished as soon as you returned a response? That might be fine for a mostly static site.

  • Bonnes pratiques SEO sous Ruby on Rails | Ruby

    news.humancoders.com 01 Jun '15, 1pm

    Vous utilisez Ruby On Rails pour développer vos applications web ? Découvrez mes conseils pour donner à votre site des fondations SEO solides. Dans cette première partie, nous passerons en revue : la réécriture d’URL, la dynamisation des balises meta et la gestion du fichier robots.txt.

  • Rails 5: Quoi de neuf

    5: Quoi de neuf ? | Ruby

    news.humancoders.com 14 May '15, 10am

    ▲ ▲ 1 Ruby Rails 5: Quoi de neuf ? (en) Partagé par Camille Roux il y a environ une heure Cet article fait le point sur les grandes nouveautés de Ruby on Rails 5 : Test runner where.or Nouvelle test request API Render From Anywhere Plus de alias_method_chain -… Rails 5: what's new - E...

  • Docker powered Rails

    Docker powered Rails | Ruby

    news.humancoders.com 09 Feb '15, 2pm

    In a previous post, we saw how we automatically update a Rails application by storing the version key in Amazon DynamoDB. In this post, I will show how we can integrate this auto-update mechanism in a Docker container on top of a CoreOS server.