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  • Nobody Buys Art With Bitcoin - New York Observer

    Nobody Buys Art With Bitcoin | Observer

    observer.com 05 Mar '15, 5pm

    The Armory Show is one of the world’s top contemporary art exhibitions each year. We went to see if anyone would sell us art if we offered them tons of bitcoin. (Photo: Roberto Chamorro, with alteration by Jack Smith IV) If technology is going to radically overhaul every industry on o...

  • Bitcoin Crime Wave Breaks Out in NYC

    Bitcoin Crime Wave Breaks Out in NYC | | Observer

    observer.com 20 Feb '15, 2pm

    Bitcoin Crime Wave Breaks Out in NYC NYC firefighter kidnapped, robbed and stabbed by crypto thieves By Jack Smith IV | 02/20/15 9:54am Bitcoin is growing in popularity as a way of quickly and safely moving money. But that also makes the job of a thief much more lucrative and efficien...

  • The Race to Replace Bitcoin | Observer

    observer.com 05 Feb '15, 1pm

    Another Ripple Labs veteran told the Observer a story that portrayed Ms. Kim in a warmer, more sympathetic light, though this story, too, shows a relationship that was ill fitting at best. “Ripple Labs had this really good immigration attorney. There was a young kid who came over from...

  • Not only is New York not the world's most expensive city; it doesn't even break the top 10.

    Singapore Tops EIU’s List of World’s Most Expensive Cities | The New York Observer

    observer.com 04 Mar '14, 9pm

    “The city also has some structurally expensive items that skew the overall cost of living upwards,” the report stated. “For example, car costs have very high related certificate of entitlement fees attached to them, which makes Singapore significantly more expensive than any other loc...

  • It's All About the Bitcoin, Baby - New York Observer

    It’s All About the Bitcoin, Baby | Observer

    observer.com 30 Apr '13, 11pm

    EVR’s employees are still adjusting to the bar’s alternate payment system. (The Observer overheard at least one lithe brunette waitress asking Mr. Shrem to explain bitcoin to her.) Here’s how it works: when a patron wants to buy a drink with bitcoin, the bartender will present him or ...

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