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  • @Nike

    Nike Forecasts Its 3D-Printed Sneaker Future

    psfk.com 12 Oct '15, 6pm

    As detailed by Nike's COO Eric Sprunk, a coming retail reality, where customers can start the production process from home, can already be seen in its assembly lines Jason Brick 12 october 2015 Design Nike’s COO Eric Sprunk foresees a future where Nike begins its production process fr...

  • The Quick and Dirty From Our Q&A with Babeland, Pornhub and the Museum of Sex - PSFK (blog) #branding #luxury

    The Quick and Dirty From Our Q&A on the Future of Sex

    psfk.com 20 Sep '15, 12pm

    PSFK weighs in with the experts in a live chat about what we can learn from the sex-innovation sector PSFK Labs 20 september 2015 Technology To celebrate the launch of our Sex, Drugs & Alcohol Debrief , PSFK invited experts and tastemakers from Pornhub, the Museum of Sex and Babeland ...

  • Feel the High-Tech Burn at Gym with 3D Body Scans and Custom Lighting

    High Tech Gym Has 3D Body Scans and Custom Lighting

    psfk.com 24 Aug '15, 12pm

    Gravity boasts treadmills that can make video calls and an app-focused experience that lets you compare stats with other C-Suite professionals Leo Lutero 24 august 2015 Technology The Gravity Gym in Singapore makes sure their members get the best in terms of tech while working out. Th...

  • LEGO Asks Enthusiasts to Build Singapore of the Future

    LEGO Singapore Asks Enthusiasts to Build City of the Future

    psfk.com 06 Aug '15, 4pm

    A group of six-year-olds were invited to create what the city might look like in 50 years using a vast LEGO set Emma Hutchings 6 august 2015 Advertising In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence, LEGO Singapore teamed up with the global creative agency i...

  • Female-Dedicated Forum Empowers Women with Comfort and Information: Glow Community, within their Ruby app, hel...

    Glow Community Empowers Women with Comfort and Information

    psfk.com 28 Aug '15, 6pm

    Glow Community, within their Ruby app, helps bring women together for genuine care and sympathy through comforting chats and more Azalea Pena 28 august 2015 Technology Once a month, women go through the trouble of the much-dreaded menstruation. The bloating, the cramps, the back pain,...

  • Filfury Sneakers Resurrect as Bold Artworks

    psfk.com 10 Sep '15, 10am

    Obsessed with kick culture, where the rest of us see $2,000 sneakers, artist FILFURY sees visions Ido Lechner 10 september 2015 Design Bold and graphic, FILFURY (a.k.a. Phil Robson) is a British artist, designer and director who ‘repurposes form and painting in contemporary textures,’...

  • Cereal Bar Pairs Sneakers with Sugary Breakfast

    Cereal Bar Pairs Sneakers with Sugary Breakfast

    psfk.com 26 Aug '15, 3pm

    KITH Treats offers 24 different cereal flavors, served in cereal shoeboxes as designed by well-known names like Andre Agassi Emma Hutchings 26 august 2015 Retail A pop-up cereal bar has opened in Brooklyn inside a sneaker and apparel shop. KITH Treats is a 150-square-foot white space ...

  • Adult Wheelies Let You Walk, Run and Skate Around Town

    psfk.com 13 Aug '15, 5pm

    Hermes, eat your heart out; cruise the city with the easily wearable Walk Wing Azalea Pena 13 august 2015 Design Running late for work? Taking your little old pal for a stroll? Travel in style, arrive at your destination quickly and do all this with an added dose of fun. YJ Lee finall...