• Dismissible_helpers released

    reefpoints.dockyard.com 04 Jan '13, 8pm

    Have an application where you want to add some help text for the user, but they really only need to see it once? With the dismissible_helpers gem, you can quickly add dismissible help text to your application.

  • Rails 4.0 Sneak Peek: PostgreSQL array support

    reefpoints.dockyard.com 18 Sep '12, 5pm

    If we then retrieved this record from the database, the nicknames value would be casted to an array, instead of returning the string of {Jack,Johnny} . Rails 4.0 has a pure ruby array value parser, but if you would like to speed up the parsing process, the previously mentioned pg_arra...

  • Introducing destroyed_at

    reefpoints.dockyard.com 30 Jun '13, 12pm

    We've found that more and more clients are requesting "undestroy" functionality in their apps. We recently extracted this common pattern into a gem we're calling DestroyedAt , an ActiveRecord mixin that makes un-destroying records simple. By setting the datetime of the #destroyed_at f...