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  • Tom Ford ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    refinery29.com 26 Aug '14, 4pm

    took her turn under the ice bucket , we thought the challenge had reached its apex of fanciness. Here was Nuclear Wintour herself, impeccable bob, signature sunglasses, and designer dress getting utterly drenched — we couldn't help but take a bit of Lauren Weisberger-like delight in t...

  • An Anti-Handbag Girl Changes Her Tune

    Why I Was Anti-Handbag - Purses, Accessories, Backpacks

    refinery29.com 24 Aug '14, 6pm

    Photographed by Charles Roussel. Being a purse you can forget about without actually forgetting makes a crossbody a great choice for anyone with my particular, uh, skill for misplacing handbags. Backpacks, of course, take that "forget it" approach to the extreme, as their form puts th...

  • 30 Sneaky Ways Start Your Fall Shopping Now

    Fall Sneakers - Best Slip-Ons, High-Tops, Laces, Velcro

    refinery29.com 17 Aug '14, 6pm

    A shoe rack without everyday, non-gym sneakers is just sad. And, your heel-sporting feet probably hate you, FYI. But, we have a plan to remedy all of that. Yes, shopping is involved. Whether you're in dire need of some kicks or you're a diehard sneakerhead looking for your next fix, y...

  • The Sneaker Of The Summer Is Meant To Be Messed Up

    White Sneaker Outfits- How To Wear Keds

    refinery29.com 27 Jul '14, 2pm

    There's probably no shoe more popular this summer than the sneaker, in all its forms: From puffy dunks to performance trainers to colorful, patterned, printed plimsolls, the lace-up, rubber-soled shoe is one of the biggest trends of the season. But, if there's one from the bunch that ...

  • Chanel's $3,000 Sneakers Led To Record Sales

    Chanel Couture Sneaker Help Sales

    refinery29.com 07 Jul '14, 3pm

    Chanel’s spring '14 haute couture collection, during which models stomped down the runway wearing the low-tops my parents allowed me to BeDazzle as a second-grader, led to record sales for the fashion house. Okay, okay — the python shoes, created by specialty atelier Massaro and embel...

  • Marc Jacobs Is Totally Fine About Leaving Louis Vuitton. Seriously

    Marc Jacobs Fine About Leaving Louis Vuitton

    refinery29.com 13 Nov '13, 12pm

    Photo: Gregory Place / BEImages. There is no easy way to break up. It is always going to be awkward, sad, and — a teensy bit liberating, if we're being honest. But, as long as you show compassion and respect, these events tend not to be terminal. Case in point: Marc Jacobs, who has re...

  • Riccardo Tisci Nike Sneakers Pictures

    refinery29.com 24 Jan '14, 4pm

    It was only a few years ago that Nelly best articulated our love for one of Nike's most classic styles. "Give me two pairs; (cause) I need two pairs," he said, referring, of course, to Nike's Air Force Ones. And, with the reveal of the Riccardo Tisci designs for the athletic line, the...

  • Kanye had naked ladies painted on a $30,000+ Hermès bag for Christmas

    Kanye West Kim Kardashian - Birkin Bag George Condo

    refinery29.com 27 Dec '13, 8pm

    Perhaps you gave a few DIY gifts this holiday season that fill you with an awful lot of pride. Well, we hate to break it to you, but Kanye West has you one-upped. After all, when you're Yeezy, you can hire a professional to do the crafting. And, your medium? A Birkin bag. In this case...