• Social Security Works

    salsa.wiredforchange.com 20 Oct '16, 3pm

    AARP – the nation’s largest senior organization – has dug into the Republican playbook on Social Security. Their new TV ad is threatening that “Social Security recipients could lose up to $10,000 a year” and their support of House Speaker Paul Ryan – the poster boy for privatizing Soc...

  • Social Security Works

    salsa.wiredforchange.com 18 Oct '16, 5pm

    We need a real Social Security benefit increase! Next year's cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security will be a meager 0.3 percent — $5 per month. That $5 will not cover the cost of prescription drugs, which rose by 10 percent in the past year. Nor will it cover the rising costs ...

  • Social Security Works

    salsa.wiredforchange.com 04 Oct '16, 4pm

    Put the Trump-Pence Social Security Record Under a Microscope Tonight will be the only time most voters have a chance to learn about Mike Pence. Voters need to know that despite his mild-mannered exterior, Pence is a serious threat to Social Security's future. He once criticized Georg...

  • Social Security Works

    salsa.wiredforchange.com 13 Oct '16, 9pm

    Since its creation in 1935, Social Security has provided millions of seniors with a foundation of economic security. And at a time when Social Security is an increasingly critical source of support for so many we must ensure that our nation is doing everything possible to help seniors...

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  • Social Security Works

    salsa.wiredforchange.com 06 Oct '16, 7pm

    Stand with Social Security Champion Patty Judge and tell the U.S. Senate: Expand, don’t cut, Social Security! For 81 years, this country has made a commitment to seniors. If you work hard all your life, if you pay into the system, Social Security will be there for you when you retire....

  • Social Security Works

    salsa.wiredforchange.com 25 Sep '16, 6pm

    Stand With Social Security Champion Russ Feingold and Tell the United States Senate: Expand, Don’t Cut, Social Security! Across the country, millions of hardworking Americans are uncertain about their retirement. But instead of supporting families and addressing the retirement securit...

  • Social Security Works

    salsa.wiredforchange.com 22 Sep '16, 6pm

    Tell Lester Holt: Hold Donald Trump Accountable for His Social Security Lies In his campaign speeches, Donald Trump claims that as President he won't make any changes to Social Security. But a mountain of evidence, including the Republican platform, makes it clear that a President Tru...

  • Social Security Works

    salsa.wiredforchange.com 11 Aug '16, 4pm

    Congressional Republicans are undermining the Social Security Administration! House and Senate Republicans are calling for hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to the Social Security Administration's budget. These cuts would result in employee furloughs, office closures, delays in ...