• The whole point of #socialmedia is the conversation: #nonprofits #sociallistening

    Be a Conversationalist: The Art of Social Listening | Salsa

    salsalabs.com 05 Jan '15, 8pm

    The whole point of social media is the conversation — not simply talking and not just listening. Think about how you can use what you’re learning by listening to help other supporters or future supporters. By using the right technology (a social CRM), you can not only track what’s bei...

  • Discount still available using "Salsa" for @SM4Nonprofits more detials here

    Social Media for Nonprofits

    salsalabs.com 04 Oct '12, 8pm

    by Jeanette Russell , Senior Partner Marketing Manager, Salsa Do you want to learn to use social media to drive your cause , engage with your donors , or increase your fundraising potential ? Then don’t miss Social Media for Nonprofit’s Washington, DC conference on 10/5 , presented in...

  • Will Nonprofits Raise Money on Social Media in 2013? (via salsa labs)

    Will Nonprofits Raise Money on Social Media in 2013?

    salsalabs.com 24 Jan '13, 3pm

    by Allyson Kapin , Co-founder, Rad Campaign This article was originally published on Care2's Frogloop blog . As you have probably experienced yourself, raising money for your nonprofit campaign on social media is like pulling teeth. According to the 2012 Nonprofit benchmark Social Net...