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  • Why You Should Visit Singapore's Little India Now

    seriouseats.com 24 Apr '15, 3pm

    The area continued to develop as the center of South Asian life (largely Hindu and Tamil speaking), as a focal point for a new migration, and as a growing commercial center. The name "Little India," is a Singapore Tourism Board (STB) concoction—the moniker was not used until the 1980s...

  • A Day in the Life of a Singapore Hawker

    seriouseats.com 11 May '15, 5pm

    "When our parents travel," she explains, "they prefer selecting travel tour packages which promise 'Chinese food' even in places like Europe and America." The younger generation is more enthusiastic about new foods and flavors. In Singapore, though, "most of these [Western/European] c...

  • Check out "Soft Cooked Eggs With Kaya Jam and Toast: Singapore's Signature Breakfast is Right Up My Alley" #food

    Soft Cooked Eggs With Kaya Jam and Toast: Singapore's Signature Breakfast is Right Up My Alley

    seriouseats.com 18 Sep '14, 6pm

    Get Recipe : Singapore-Style Soft Cooked Eggs With Kaya Jam and Toast Soft eggs and toast spread with a sweet and savory coconut jam are right up my alley. [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] A couple of months ago, my wife Adri and I spent a week lazing around in the too-hot-to-do-anyt...

  • Where to find Durian Shaved Ice in Queens via @seriouseats

    Slide Show | The Best Sweets We Ate in July

    seriouseats.com 04 Aug '14, 1pm

    Some HTML is OK: <a href="URL">link</a>, <strong>strong </strong>, <em>em </em> Comment Guidelines Post whatever you want, just keep it seriously about eats, seriously. We reserve the right to delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. Learn more at our Comment Policy page . If you se...

  • 25 Singaporean Dishes You Should Know another epic guide from @maxfalkowitz

    Snapshots from Singapore: 25 Singaporean Dishes You Should Know | Serious Eats

    seriouseats.com 31 Jul '12, 9pm

    Here is a list of 25 dishes to get you started on your eater's journey through Singaporean cuisine. As I mentioned in my introduction to the local food scene , Singapore's food hails from China, Malaysia, India, and beyond—but also, in a sense, from nowhere but itself. Some dishes are...

  • Reflecting on Singapore's World Streetfood Congress: VIEW SLIDESHOW: Reflecting on Singapore's World

    Reflecting on Singapore's World Streetfood Congress

    seriouseats.com 12 Jul '13, 2pm

    SLIDESHOW: Reflecting on Singapore's World Streetfood Congress [Photographs: Adam Tun-Aung] More Singapore An Introduction to Singaporean Food A Late Night Food Crawl with Makansutra's K. F. Seetoh A Tour of a Singaporean Wet Market One of the greatest—if not the greatest—appeals of S...

  • Singapore #Noodles

    Singapore Noodles | Serious Eats : Recipes

    seriouseats.com 07 May '15, 4pm

    Curry-flavored rice noodles. [Photographs: Shao Z.] It's not entirely clear where Singapore noodles—the stir-fried curried rice noodles with shrimp, pork, and vegetables—come from, though it's unlikely Singapore is the source. Regardless, they're a stir-fry classic, and are easy to ma...

  • Hainanese Chicken Rice set in your home kitchen!

    Singapore Stories: Hainanese Chicken Rice

    seriouseats.com 01 Aug '13, 6pm

    Get Recipe: Hainanese Chicken Rice Set No run-of-the-mill chicken and rice. [Photographs: Yvonne Ruperti] Almost no matter where you are on the globe, you'll find some sort of chicken and rice dish. Singaporeans perform their version with delicious justice, standing out as one of the ...