• Singapore Air is Closely Watching Virgin Australia Developments

    Singapore Air is Closely Watching Virgin Australia Developments

    skift.com 13 May '16, 9pm

    Singapore Airlines Ltd. said it’s “closely” monitoring developments at Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd. after the carrier’s biggest shareholder Air New Zealand Ltd. said it may sell its stake. Virgin Australia is almost equally owned by Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways PJSC and Singapore...

  • Skift CMO Interviews: Shifting the Destination Brand Story at Singapore Tourism

    CMO Interviews: Shifting the Destination Brand Story at Singapore Tourism

    skift.com 03 May '16, 11am

    That was really a 360-degree shift that we had to make on so many accounts. Our old portal had a lot of facts, a lot of information, a lot of listings. What we wanted to shift to was more of a storytelling approach. We worked out a concept of three different voices: the brand voice, w...

  • Future of International #Luxury Travel and 4 Other Tourism Trends This Week

    Future of International Luxury Travel and 4 Other Tourism Trends This Week

    skift.com 21 May '16, 9pm

    Every week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends, and in these weekend posts we highlight the stories that tackle these trends. This one looks at top tourism trends. For all of our trends roundups, go here . >>We...

  • Singapore's Casino Tourism Is Improving a Sluggish Economy

    skift.com 07 May '16, 6pm

    Singapore is no longer just a stop-over point for tourists catching connecting flights to beaches in Thailand and Bali. More travelers are making the city state their final destination, in large part after ending a decades-old ban on casinos that’s helped to double the number of Chine...

  • How #Luxury #Travel Is Changing the #Fashion Industry

    How Luxury Travel Is Changing the Fashion Industry

    skift.com 11 Apr '16, 1pm

    In 2015, China produced 120 million outbound tourists—who spent an estimated US$229 billion on shopping overseas, leaving the rest of the world way behind. Their top purchases? Fashion and accessories. The effect of this wave is serious additional business for luxury fashion brands, w...

  • Singapore Travel Startups Have Advantages and Challenges That Come With the Territory

    skift.com 25 Mar '16, 9pm

    Singapore is one of the warmest hotplates for technology in Asia as the government has pumped $1.3 billion into the city’s startup ecosystem and transformed it into Southeast Asia’s Silicon Valley. But Singapore’s cosmopolitan allure and culture of efficiency comes with a price: It ha...

  • Bordeaux wine tours will now dazzle you! Time to go again!

    Bordeaux Is Busy Building Wineries for the Next Generation of Food Tourists

    skift.com 03 Apr '16, 4pm

    Last month, 400 people in black tie trooped through the new cellars and renovations at first-growth Château Margaux’s official unveiling. The map of the buildings, handed out on a small card, looked like a museum floor plan. That was the prelude to a dinner of truffled artichoke soup ...

  • Cruise Lines Are in the Middle of a Branding Evolution

    skift.com 14 Mar '16, 4pm

    Celebrity Cruises kept its iconic “X” and “Modern Luxury” description, but tweaked the slogan to say “Modern Luxury Lives Here.” Holland America Line is now urging passengers to “Savor the Journey.” MSC Cruises promotes its product as “Not just any cruise.” Norwegian Cruise Line’s new...