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  • @TheHautePursuit always rocking Luv Aj! >> What a babe!

    denim in the tropics 16 Jul '13, 7pm

    Like I mentioned a few weeks ago on Instagram , these overalls (originally in white on THP Shop and worn spectacularly by the always lovely Danielle of We Wore What ) would also come in a black-ish denim. Well voila! Here they are. They are also featured in our June Look Book, so make...

  • Margiela 57 15 Jul '13, 9pm

    The t-shirts are beautiful, but the concept is a total rip off from Les Plus Dores t-shirts. It’s really sad, because I was really happy to get my hands on the limited edition Slimane 68 version from Les Plus Dores, but now that you are massproducing copies, it ruins the concept. It’s...

  • The Haute Pursuit

    white denim 14 Jul '13, 2pm

    Nothing screams summer to me more than white hot denim. I’ve had this matching outfit for some time in my closet, but didn’t bring it out until I went to Hong Kong last month. Sorta miss that now. I miss palm trees in general. Really hoping to fit in another tropical adventure this su...

  • Happy July 4th! New post up on #thehautepursuit

    sun lite 04 Jul '13, 1pm

    What better way to celebrate July 4th than soaking up some rays. It’s always on these holidays when I miss the idea of home the most. The sun soaked days that never seem to end. The familiar cackles and giggles of high school friends. And of course, the food! More pictures after the j...

  • new post up! ☀☀ #thpshop #thehautepursuit #ootd @…

    casuals, remixed 01 Jul '13, 3pm

    So the basic tee and jeans. What is simpler? What is better? Nothing, I say. We are all creatures of comfort. We love familiarity. So when you don’t know what to wear, just fall back on your basics–either in their most natural form or in my case a little reworked. More pics after the ...

  • The Haute Pursuit

    'Camille' 30 Jun '13, 11am

    Oh leather track pants, how long I have sought after you! And now you have been found. It’s the quintessential sportswear item that every girl should have in her closet. I like to wear mine with heels and a big tee shirt or a chunky sweater. I have yet to make the leap over to Phoebe ...

  • THP SHOP JUNE 13 (Via Bloglovin')

    THP SHOP JUNE 13 24 Jun '13, 5am

    It’s here!! Super stoked and proud of the THP Shop June 13 Look Book. We decided to run with the idea of black and whites for a more gritty, unfinished feel. We were inspired by hip hop a lot this time around, definitely a deviation from the sunny, beachy vibes of

  • IT'S COMINGGGGGGG Sunday, June 23 midnight EST #thpshop…

    ALMOST HERE... 23 Jun '13, 7am

    Here’s a sneaky peak of the vibes we are channeling for this month’s June THP SHOP look book. I’m even happier with this one than the last and feel these clothes are so-me, so-right-now.

  • preview of what to expect from THP SHOP next week! new items, new look book!!

    THP SHOP June Preview 12 Jun '13, 1am

    Sorry for the lack of posts this week–it’s been busy in the THP office! We got this great studio space last minute and shot about 6 looks for the upcoming June ’13 lookbook. Everything is in black and white with a leather piece thrown in there for good measure. I’m really excited for ...

  • S-P-A-C-E-Y

    Intergalactic 05 Jun '13, 7pm

    are sold out (they really are something else, lemme tell you!) and will be restocked next week. Just shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the waitlist. And HUGE thank you to everyone for all the positive feedback about this lookbook and the items we are selling. I’ve put a lot of tim...

  • still my fave overalls (ever?) + PS they're come'n back in stock....

    onesie 05 Jun '13, 5pm

    This is the cover outfit of the THP Shop May’13 lookbook, taken just a stone throw’s away from the beachy town we lived in. It was 7:30am in the morning, 40+ degrees Celsius outside with a balmy factor of probably 100%+; we thought we were literally going to melt under the sun. These ...

  • flexin some gym muscles back in Vietnam ha ha xo

    Flexin 05 Jun '13, 4pm

    Nothing like working out in 40 degrees Celsius weather. I love this place even more because it’s called Papaya gym. Aren’t the colors just ridiculously awesome? There were actually people here already when we were shooting at 8:30 in the morning. Gotta love that commitment. Another lo...

  • new post: my SS13 sale picks! ft #givenchy #alexanderwang #saintlaurent

    ss13 sales 04 Jun '13, 1pm

    Like a moth to a flame, I am back for another round of sale season shopping. It’s terribly predictable, but as my shopping mantra goes, invest in the stuff you always like. In my case, that evidently means leopard, leather and a whole lot of Alexander Wang. General rule of thumb: if i...

  • new post wearing @frontrowshop

    front row shop crop top 17 Apr '13, 1am

    top. I’ve been semi living in it, either under something meshy or on its own like here. It’s also great paired with a longer skirt to balance the dimensions. I’ll post more pics later this week along with some of my favorite crop tops online–stay tuned!

  • seventy fo 14 Apr '13, 4am

    The print on that top is beautiful and I love the cap sleeves. It must be fun imagining all the different ways you could style it in assorted pretty outfits. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it featured in your outfit post later this week (and maybe in other outfit posts as well? It’...

  • new post, allll white

    undulations 10 Apr '13, 8am

    And yes, this skirt. I’ve had it in the closet for a while now and finally wore it the other day. It’s still a little big for me, but a little tuck of the shirt here and there, et voila! Perfect for all my future white ensembles.

  • Elven | The Haute Pursuit via @thehautepursuit

    Elven | The Haute Pursuit 06 Apr '13, 5pm

    We’ll be adding the Elven Ear Cuff among many new other items in the following weeks. I’m happy to announce that we’ll be fleshing the store out consistently now to bring readers more affordable, one-of-a-kind pieces that I personally love and that I hope you will too! Stay tuned to my

  • new post! wearing a BB jersey is my new thang ft. @zara @style_stalker

    all net | The Haute Pursuit 03 Apr '13, 3am

    , Stylestalker Biker Skirt (sold out, but I like this and this one ), Zara shoes (similar pair in

  • pvc + mesh | The Haute Pursuit via @thehautepursuit

    pvc + mesh | The Haute Pursuit 26 Mar '13, 4pm

    PVC, a favorite of many-a basement subcultures is strangely wearable in real life. Sure, you don’t want to walk into Monday’s meeting in a full PVC suit, but paired with something contrastingly subdued like a chunky sweater or boxy jacket , it works. What do you think? I happen to hav...

  • spotted. from Fridays post. #thehautepursuit #leopard…

    coat skirt | The Haute Pursuit 26 Mar '13, 3am

    Squirreled away for the last few months, this little mini has seen little play other than the occasional dress up in lieu of the winter blues. And trust me, there were a lot of these sessions. I’m a west coast baby true and through, and no amount of time or ‘acclimation’ (I don’t thin...

  • The ombre fur coat  @AlexanderWangNY

    ombre fur | The Haute Pursuit 25 Mar '13, 4pm

    Unfortunately this was a custom coat, meaning I won’t be able to share a link with you all. It’s almost getting too warm out in Beijing to wear this muppet-ish creation, but who cares. I have two weeks or so before this becomes all too weather-inappropriate. But I have never been one ...

  • new post!

    just do it | The Haute Pursuit 12 Mar '13, 5pm

    Sweats, not really the first thing to come to mind when you think of style, fashion or anything in that vein. But there it is. In your Zara’s in a full suit styled with stilettos or walking down a runway paired with an evening skirt (a la Kenzo). Maybe it’s my new appreciation for all...


    The Haute Pursuit 12 Mar '13, 5am

    I still feel a little awkward having a Z splashed across my chest, but I just couldn’t stop myself. The top has a slight neoprene-y feel to it, which gives it structure as well as that unexpected quality that neoprene brings to anything that isn’t a dive suit. I have also made it my m...

  • #LookoftheDay | ♥ Baroque by @thehautepursuit

    Baroque | The Haute Pursuit 06 Mar '13, 7pm

    Baroque mania aka Balmain-ia is taking over our stores. I thought I’d seen it all with sweats, but this newest reincarnation has got to be my favorite one yet. What do you think?